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Osallistu verkostoitumistapahtumiimme tai tule mukaan hankekokonaisuuksiin

Our services for companies and communities

Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) offer versatile collaboration opportunities in research, development and innovation. Even small-scale projects can grow into long lasting partnerships and major local or global projects. We continuously develop new forms of cooperation and services to support and promote collaboration with organizations of all sizes.

Measurement and analysis services

Tampere University and TAMK offer measurement, analysis and R&D services to companies and organizations. You get, for example, impartial information to support product development. We continuously develop our high-quality research infrastructures to best serve as many user groups as possible. Also inquire about consulting services and trainings.

Participate in research or development projects

Collaborative projects generate new knowledge, expertise, products and services that help address the greatest challenges facing our society and create new opportunities. Active interaction with industry, business and the public and third sectors enables us to respond to our society’s rapidly changing research and competency needs.

Co-creation platforms and networks

Our university community and campuses host a broad range of co-creation platforms and networks in different fields. They offer diverse opportunities for involvement to large and small companies, research groups, students and other experts. These platforms and networks bring together people who are interested in similar development themes and open up opportunities for renewal not only to companies but also to industrial sectors.

Participate in the national doctoral education pilot

The doctoral education pilot initiative aims to develop doctoral education and to educate new experts to the service of society and, in particular, research, development and innovation activities in businesses. By participating in the pilot activities, you will be able to join in the training of the next generation of RDI experts and to network nationally with doctoral researchers and scholars.

Collaborate and network with our students

Collaborating with students opens up opportunities for businesses to take advantage of fresh insight and solve current problems. Student collaboration is a great way to find and test the best new talent before possible recruitment.

Industry Ambassadors - promoting collaboration

Industry ambassadors visit companies in the Tampere region to introduce the possibilities and services of university cooperation. Other important contact information for higher education community services can be found at the Contact Us link.

Partners in Collaboration|Yhteistyön tekijät newsletter

Partners in Collaboration|Yhteistyön tekijät -newsletter sums up highlights of current events and affairs, services and cooperation opportunities from Tampere Universities. It is targeted especially for local community and collaborators. Subscribe and get the newsletter to your inbox monthly!

Contact us for more information about collaboration opportunities

Contact us when you search research or development partners or services. Or if you seek opportunities to cooperate in general.

Send us an email at industry [at] (industry[at]tuni[dot]fi). You can also reach us at +358 29 452 4500.