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Industry Ambassadors - promoting collaboration

Tampere University


Our Industry Ambassadors are students who visit local companies to introduce them to all the opportunities and services that Tampere University offers for industry and business. Service is especially designed to support industrial R&D, the development of expertise and the recruitment of new talent.

Industry Ambassadors visit companies to showcase the diverse opportunities for collaboration with Tampere University. Invite them for a visit when you are looking to

  • learn more about the University’s activities and services
  • hear about the benefits of and opportunities for working together with our students
  • explore the opportunities for R&D collaboration
  • initiate possible collaboration to address specific development needs


Who's it for

SMEs interested in collaborating with Tampere University.


How does it all happen

Invite the Industry Ambassadors to visit your company by sending your contact details by email. Industry Ambassadors will contact you to schedule a meeting and agree on the agenda. Remote meeting is also possible.

The theme of each meeting will be tailored to the needs of your company. The Industry Ambassadors will help you identify the ideal form of collaboration and find faculty members with relevant expertise.


Contact us

Send us email: yrityslahettilaat [at] (yrityslahettilaat[at]tuni[dot]fi) or fill the contact form


Contact persons