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Research infrastructures at Tampere University

State-of-the-art research infrastructures are an integral part of the research environment at Tampere University. Research infrastructures are devices, equipment, data networks, databases, materials, software and related services that make it possible to carry out research, promote research collaboration, support training and the development of competence among research staff, and strengthen the capacity for research and innovation. Research infrastructures can be centralised, decentralised or virtual entities or combinations of these. In addition to researchers and students, equipments, laboratories, databases and materials of the research infrastructures are also available for use or hire by our collaboration partners.

Research infrastructures at our faculties

Tampere University houses more than 100 research infrastructures. As we are in the process of mapping out the research infrastructures located across the University, this website will be regularly updated with new content. Find out more about the Faculties' Research Infrastructures:

Information Technology and Communication SciencesManagement and BusinessMedicine and Health TechnologyBuilt EnvironmentEngineering and Natural SciencesSocial Sciences

National and international research infrastructures

Research infrastructures support research, development and innovation activities

Much of our research infrastructure is available for use or hire by our collaboration partners. If you are not sure where to find the right service or hardware, please contact us at industry [at] We help you find the most suitable form of cooperation for your organisation's needs and resources.

Research data

Research data means any information and materials that are generated, processed and utilised in the performance of research. Research findings are based on research data. In addition to datasets, research data includes metadata which describes and documents the context, contents and structure of the data. Research data is analysed for the purpose of arriving at an informed conclusion, but data is also in itself an important output of the research process.

General principles of research infrastructures

Tampere University has defined general principles of research infrastructures. 

To ensure the up-to-date research environments, the university has launched an annual investment programme to develop and maintain the research infrastructures

General principles of research infrastructures (pdf)

Data Management Policy for Open Research Infrastructures at Tampere University (pdf)

Responsible development of research infrastructures

We are committed to the ethical management and use of research infrastructures throughout their lifecycle. All users as well as staff who maintain research infrastructures must comply with the principles of good scientific practice and good governance. Research infrastructures are operated and managed in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our priority at all times is to ensure our research infrastructures are safe to use.

If you have questions about the development of research infrastructures, please contact research development specialists Anu Juslin or Heli Lehtivuori.

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