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MET faculty

Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology

Tampere University
Phone+358 (0) 294 52 11
LocationTampere University, Kalevantie 4, 33100 Tampere
Kauppi Campus, Arvo Building Arvo Ylpön katu 34 33520 Tampere Hervanta Campus, Sähkötalo Building Korkeakoulunkatu 3 33720 Tampere

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology (MET) is dedicated to pursuing world-class research and delivering high-quality education in the fields of biomedical engineering, biotechnology, medicine and health technology. We conduct internationally acclaimed basic and applied research. 

MET International Seminar Serie

The MET International Seminar Serie is organized by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology and the Doctoral Programme in Medicine, Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering.

In the serie, high-level international and national speakers give presentations of their own research field. This seminar series brings together the scientific community of MET and others interested and aims to provide the current state of research in the fields of clinical medicine, biomedicine, translational research, molecular biology, bioinformatics and systems biology, cell & tissue technology, biomaterials, biomedical equipment and technology, biophysics and health technology.