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Tampere University
Area of focusHealth

Microsleep research project studies different physiological phenomena that can be measured noninvasively from a sleeping subject, both adults and children. My research group investigates the quality of sleep with the help of visual and automatic sleep-EEG analysis. Breathing while asleep is measured using both traditional as well as other methods such as collecting breathing sounds and by using a sleep mattress. The influence of sleep disorders in homeostasis is researched for example by measuring the function of the autonomic nervous system.  

Our goal is to develop diagnostic devices for sleep disorders and find biomarkers that might predict the risk of neurocognitive impairment or cardiovascular risk related to different sleep disorders. 

We are participating many national projects. Senior research are Adjunct professor Mirja Tenhunen, MSs Antti Saastamoinen, PhD, Neuropsychologist Tiia Saunamäki, and MD, PhD Anna-Liisa Satomaa.