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Physiological measurements: HeAT Laboratory

Tampere Universities
Hervanta Campus
Address Korkeakoulunkatu 3, 33720 Tampere
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HeAT Laboratory  is a multidisciplinary education, research, and co-development  environment where health and well-being technology is studied and developed. It offers a wide range of research-grade devices specifically for measuring human physiological signals. The laboratory is located at the Hervanta campus in room SM502 of the Sähkötalo building. 

HeAT Laboratory is part of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology at Tampere University. It brings together several research groups from the Tampere Universities and Tampere University Hospital. These groups have extensive collaboration networks with health and well-being research institutions and companies in the Pirkanmaa region. For example, we collaborate with Sote virtual laboratory (Tampere University of Applied Sciences). 

HeAT health and well-being technology environment.
  • RESEARCH:  equipment and research environment of HeAT Laboratory enable simultaneous measurement of various physiological signals. Multimodal measurement setups can be customized to fit specific research problems, and the equipment also supports ambulatory measurements. 
  • EDUCATION: The laboratory is suitable for group work, allowing assignments in performing physiological signal measurements, data processing, and analysis. It provides an ideal space for multidisciplinary teaching, where students from engineering, medicine, nursing, and well-being technology can work together and learn from each other. 
  • ENTERPRISES: Enterprises can utilize HeAT Laboratory for developing new product ideas, testing and validating new products, and conducting usability studies. Comprehensive design and implementation services are available, with expertise in physiological measurements, signal analysis, and computational modeling. 
Mittaus HeAT-laboratoriossa.