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Applying for the Title of Docent

In accordance with Section 89 of the Universities Act (558/2009), a university may, upon application, award the title of docent to individuals who have a comprehensive knowledge of their field, a capacity for independent research or artistic work demonstrated through publications or some other manner, and good teaching skills. Before applying for the title of docent, the applicant must contact the faculty as specified in the faculty-specific instructions. There can be preliminary background discussions with the professor of the subject.

Criteria for receiving the title of docent

  • doctoral degree
  • in-depth expertise in the candidate’s field
  • ability to pursue independent scholarly or artistic activity as demonstrated through publications or otherwise
  • generally notable scientific or artistic output after completing a doctoral degree (candidates for the title of docent are recommended not to apply for the title too early in their career)
  • good teaching skills;
  • other field-specific criteria;
  • for a justified reason, the title of docent may be awarded to a person employed by Tampere University.

Application procedure

  • To apply for the title of docent, please prepare an informal application that clearly indicates the field of your proposed docentship. 
  • Enclose your application with the following documents:
    • CV (prepared according to guidelines issued by the Finnish Advisory Board for Research Integrity TENK)
    • Copy of your doctoral degree certificate or, if you have a degree in clinical medicine, certificate for the completion of specialist training
    • List of publications (prepared according to guidelines issued by the Academy of Finland)
  • A brief written statement describing your most important postdoctoral activities and achievements as they relate to the proposed docentship and your ability to pursue independent scholarly/artistic activity.
  • A teaching portfolio prepared according to guidelines issued by Tampere University
  • Please send your application to the contact person or service address of the relevant faculty. This information is provided below on this page.

Awarding of the title of docent

  • Applications for the title of docent are reviewed by a committee tasked with managing the process of appointing docents or the management group of the relevant faculty.
  • The committee/management group will request a professor, who represents the field of the proposed docentship, to provide a statement describing how the docentship is expected to promote and support research and education in the field. In the statement, the professor may nominate two impartial experts to review the candidate’s qualifications to become a docent.
  • If the committee/management group considers the docentship to be necessary and consistent with the activities of the faculty at Tampere University, the faculty will request a statement of the candidate’s scientific or artistic qualifications from at least two internationally renowned experts.
  • A person applying for the title of docent may oppose the appointment of an expert that he or she feels has a conflict of interest that could prevent an impartial review (Finnish Administrative Procedure Act 434/2003).
  • The teaching and instructional skills of a person applying for the title of docent will be evaluated.
  • The committee/management group will review the application documents and expert statements to determine whether the candidate possesses the required scientific or artistic qualifications and teaching skills. The committee/management group will submit a proposal to the Dean regarding the award of the title of docent.
  • The title of docent is awarded by the President upon the recommendation of the Dean.
  • The relevant Faculty Council will be notified of the new docentship.

Faculty-specific criteria and contact information

In addition, the faculties may have their own criteria concerning the number of appended publications and the required degree.

When applying for the title of docent, please direct all inquiries regarding the application process to the contact person or service address of the faculty that represents your area of expertise.

Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences (ITC)

Special Adviser Saara Asikainen

Faculty of Management and Business (MAB)

Research Specialist Hanna Salminen

Faculty of Education and Culture (EDU)

Special Adviser Sanni Irjala and edu-docents.tau [at] (edu-docents[dot]tau[at]tuni[dot]fi)

Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology (MET)

Special Adviser Sara Lamminmäki and met-docents.tau [at] (met-docents[dot]tau[at]tuni[dot]fi)

Faculty of Built Environment (BEN)

Faculty Manager Kirsi Aalto

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (ENS)

Faculty Manager Jussi Pentti

Faculty of Social Sciences (SOC)

Special Adviser Heli Pispa and Research Specialist Maija-Ojala Fulwood soc-docents.tau [at]