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Sensor Technology and Biomeasurements

Tampere University
Area of focusHealth, Technology

Sensor Technology and Biomeasurements Group (STB) concentrates on the research and development of embedded measurement technology for physiological monitoring and related signal processing and data analysis methods. In addition, we study electronic nose techniques for clinical applications.

Research focus and goals

Our primary research interests include:

  • Wearable physiological monitoring systems
  • Signal processing methods for vitals estimation
  • Assessment of vascular condition
  • Ion mobility spectrometry for the analysis and classification of cancer tissue, especially brain cancer
    • Machine-learning and deep learning methods, e.g. data augmentation with generative adversarial networks

Our goal is to do high quality research in the aforementioned areas and help Finnish industry by providing our expertise for solving their development needs.

Contact persons

Antti Vehkaoja

Assistant professor (tenure track)

antti.vehkaoja [at]

+358 40 739 3181