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Bioinformatics Facility

Tampere University
Kauppi Campus
AddressArvo Ylpön katu 34, 33520 Tampere
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Bioinformatics facility provides expert support for high through data analysis needs. Facility is run by the computational biology group. We have extensive experience from most common types of high throughput data analysis and in addition to human genomics have worked with a number of model organisms.

We can provide technical support in experimental design (e.g. number of reads needed from sequencing experiment) as well as make recommendations of sequencing service providers. We can also provide support in statistical analysis of your data.



All the users of the Bioinformatics facility services are obligated to acknowledge the facility and Biocenter Finland (BF) in publications: “The authors acknowledge the Biocenter Finland and  Tampere facility of Bioinformatics for their service.”

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This facility is partly supported by the Biocenter Finland technology platform network.