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Flow Cytometry

Tampere University
Kauppi Campus
AddressArvo Ylpön katu 34, 33520 Tampere
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Flow cytometry is a method to rapidly detect and measure physical and chemical properties of single cells or particles as they are suspended in liquid and passed across single or multiple laser beams. The cells or particles are detected by the flow cytometer detectors based on their light scatter and fluorescence emission signals, which are converted into electronic signals that can be visualized and analyzed quantitatively in real-time on a computer. This yields information on surface and intracellular molecules as well as cell size and structure, making flow cytometry an excellent tool for analyzing cell characteristics and function. Typically, cells are stained with fluorescently conjugated antibodies, viability dyes or DNA binding dyes, or they express fluorescent proteins. Commonly used applications of flow cytometry include analysis of biomarkers, cell cycle, apoptosis, phosphorylation of proteins, calcium flux, DNA and mRNA, specific ligand binding and detection of micro-organisms. Flow cytometry is best known for its applications in immunology, but it is a powerful tool also in molecular biology, virology, bacteriology, cancer research and it is widely used in diagnostics. The cell-sorting cytometer is able to separate and purify cell populations of interest for downstream applications. A cell sorter sorts cells or particles based on the same properties it can analyze.

The Flow Cytometry Facility has four flow cytometers and one metabolic analyzer to serve the different requirements of researchers. All instruments are suitable for analysis and two are sorters: one sorter is located in the Virus Facility. The instruments have 1-4 lasers and can analyze up to 16 different fluorescence parameters simultaneously. They can be operated by the users themselves, or alternatively, researchers can purchase the service they need from the facility personnel. The facility offers a wide and flexible variety of research services, ranging from panel design to sample run assistance and post-acquisition data analysis. For details and inquiries, please contact the facility manager.

Booking system

Access Agendo booking system for the cytometers.


All users of the Flow Cytometry Facility services are obligated to acknowledge Biocenter Finland and the facility in publications: “The authors acknowledge Biocenter Finland (BF) and Tampere University Flow Cytometry Facility (TFCF) for their service.”