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Technology platforms supported by Biocenter Finland

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Biocenter Finland (BF) is a nation-wide life science research infrastructure organization that was established in 2007 by University of Eastern Finland (UEF), University of Helsinki (UH), University of Oulu (UO), Tampere University (TAU), University of Turku (UTU), and Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU). The mission of Biocenter Finland is to support ground-breaking life science and biomedical research, innovation, and industry-academia collaboration by providing open-access services and cutting-edge technologies to a wide research community in Finland.

The critical function of Biocenter Finland is to coordinate the activities of 15 technology platforms comprising of 70 core facility units that cover key technologies in life sciences. Platforms are responsible for organizing the services, seminars, training, and prioritization of instrumentation for funding applications. Services are provided by highly experienced staff with an open-access policy, available to 3000 research groups working in academy, healthcare, and industry. Biocenter Finland was selected for the Finland´s Strategy and Roadmap for Research Infrastructures 2021-2024 with excellent evaluation.

Biocenter Finland technology platforms in Finnish biocenters.
Diagram of BF technology platforms and their nodes (dots). Coordinating node in white, nodes´ host biocenters and the respective university: BCK Biocenter Kuopio (UEF); BCO Biocenter Oulu (OU); BCT Biocity Turku (UTU & ÅAU); HiLIFE, Helsinki (UH); MET Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, Tampere (TAU).

Tampere University research infrastructures are involved in seven of the Biocenter Finland Technology Platforms (highlighted in Bold) and TAU coordinates two of these Platforms:

BF Bioimaging
Biobank Technologies
Drug Discovery & Chemical Biology
Genome-wide Methods
Mouse Models - FinGMice
Plant Phenotyping
Non-mammalian Model Organisms (TAU coordinating university)
Proteomics (TAU coordinating university)
Real-time Imaging
Single-cell Omics
Stem Cells & Genome Editing
Structural Biology
Viral Gene Transfer & Cell Therapy

See more on the web page of Biocenter Finland:

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