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cell cultures under the microscope

CellTech Laboratories

Tampere University
Kauppi Campus
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cell cultures under the microscope


CellTech Laboratories are specialized cell culture laboratories in Arvo building. There are two separate CellTech laboratories. First (CellTech1, E496) is preferably for pilot testing of biomaterials and technical devices intended for clinical or in vitro use and the other (Celltech 2, E495) for culturing freshly isolated tissues and cell lines with unknown sterility and mycoplasma status.

The CellTech laboratories are especially designed to take into account the combined needs of sufficient sterility dictated by the requirements of cell cultures, and flexibility required by the new and innovative applications’ development.

We have wide selections of different cell lines that can be utilized or laboratory users can bring their own cell lines and cell culture reagents. Experiments can be planned together with the customer and, if necessary, performed by our experts. In the CellTech laboratories it is also possible to modify the work space and even the laboratory itself to better fit the need of the experiment.

Orientation given by Sari Kalliokoski or her named substitute person and reservation of workspace via Agendo are prerequisites for laboratory access. For experiments requiring a whole cell culture incubator, booking of incubator via Agendo is obligatory. In addition, use of PICO plasma cleaner requires booking via Agendo.


Booking system

Access Agendo booking system 



All the users of the CellTech Laboratories services are obligated to acknowledge the facility in publications: “The authors acknowledge Tampere CellTech Laboratories for their service.”