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Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

Tampere University

Biomedical Sciences and Engineering combines engineering with life sciences

People's need for more tailored and cost-efficient implants, devices and health informatics solutions is growing.


Master's degree (University)

Degree earned

Master of Science (Technology)

Planned duration

2 years

Extent of studies

120 ECTS



Tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens

12000 € per academic year

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At the interface between engineering and health sciences

The biomedical engineering industry is an increasingly important, global high-tech sector. In Finland, the HealthTech industry is especially strong. With the emergence of numerous small enterprises, the fields of biomedical sciences and engineering are rapidly expanding and offer diverse career options. This programme provides you with a solid understanding of the challenges related to biomedical and health sciences. You will become familiar with advanced technologies at the interface between engineering and health sciences and have the ability to develop innovative solutions to solve these challenges. You will be able to demonstrate critical thinking and professionalism and pursue a career in industry, a hospital or continue your studies towards a doctoral degree. You may also be a natural-born entrepreneur and launch your own start-up.

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Students who select Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering as a specialization acquire broad knowledge of biomedical materials synthesis and characterization as well as interfacial interaction between biomedical devices and biological moieties. This expertise is essential for the development of several medical applications, such as implant design, disease modeling and novel transplantation therapies aiming for tissue replacement or repair. This specialization explores different aspects of stem cell technology, scaffold design and tissue functionality as well as clinical outcomes and regulations. Our students develop the expertise to become independent experts in industry or academia.


We maintain close ties with engineering professionals, life scientists and clinicians, and therefore provide optimal exposure for our students. We enjoy an international reputation for our excellent fundamental and translational (from laboratory to clinic) research. When applying to the Master's programme in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering (MSc Tech), you may choose from the following options:

We collaborate closely with the Finnish-taught programme and the international life science programme in the field of biomedical sciences offered by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, the Master’s programme in Biomedical Technology (MSc), which has three specialization options:

Study Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

In this video you find the information how to study in our Master's programme in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering from the view of students and staff. Just to inform you that the specializations have been changed recently.

I have gained a lot of hands-on lab experience in both organic synthesis of soft biomaterials but also stem cell work and nanoparticle drug delivery projects. I hope to be a coauthor of two journal articles from my work. I have also been given a lot of independence in lab and have been able to run my own projects related to my master's thesis topic

Tampere is definitely a student-friendly city! Everybody speaks English so the language barrier is not a problem and more importantly, people are very pleasant. Finnish people are very discrete but in heart, they are always here for you, and that's very surprising and awesome at the same time.

For more information

Please read through the information provided. For further questions regarding the application process, contact our Admissions office at or for questions regarding the content of the programme, please contact