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Tribologian tutkimus kohdistuu pintojen välisessä kosketuksessa tapahtuvaan kitkaan, kulumiseen ja voiteluun. Kuvassa Juuso Lahtivirta

Collaborate in research, development and innovation

Tampere Universities carry out research and development projects together with companies, public organisations, the third sector and other higher education and research institutions. Collaborative projects are conducted to develop new solutions that meet the needs of society and businesses. Special emphasis is placed also on the scientific goals of the projects.

Research collaboration with Tampere University

Research collaboration may take the form of, for example, a tailor-made commissioned research project, an extensive co-funded project or an international project.


RDI collaboration with Tampere University of Applied Sciences

The social perspective is essential in all TAMK’s RDI. We cooperate with both companies and the public sector. The projects develop new and extensive solutions for regional and national needs.

Yhteiskehittämisen alustat yhdistävät samoista teemoista kiinnostuneita. Kuva Kampusklubilta Hervannasta.

Co-creation on platforms and networks

Tampere Universities host a broad range of co-creation platforms and networks in different fields.These platforms and networks bring together people who are interested in similar development themes and open up opportunities for renewal not only to companies but also to industrial sectors.


Research to business

Tampere University is committed to supporting new business creation and startups born out of research. For investors and external stakeholders we provide information with ongoing research to business (R2B) projects.

Ways to collaborate

  • participate in a co-funded research project or an international project
  • become a strategic parter
  • launch a development project to support the activities of your organisation
  • utilise tailored commissioned research
  • use measurement and analysis services
  • utilise our agile services for solving narrowly focused problems
  • collaborate with our students
  • join co-creation platforms and networks
  • participate in networking events

Benefits of collaboration

  • supports the renewal and innovation activities of organisations 
  • supports the development and growth of businesses
  • allows companies and organisations to tap into our university community’s expertise
  • offers a front-row seat to the latest research findings
  • helps you find and hire the best talent
  • offers access to state-of-the-art research infrastructures
  • opens up new avenues for joining extensive national and international collaboration networks
  • improves national competitiveness
  • improves the quality and relevance of research and opens up funding opportunities
  • promotes the transfer of knowledge and technology
  • resolves global challenges

Principles of the research and development

Research integrity enables ethically sustainable research practices and ensures the credibility of research results. Sound scientific practice is observed at every step of our research.