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ECIU (European Consortium of Innovative Universities)

Tampere University
Area of focusSociety, Technology

The ECIU University is an EU-funded European University that will create a completely new educational model on a European scale. The ECIU University gathers together learners, teachers, and researchers to cooperate with cities and businesses and solve real-life challenges.

As a consortium of 13 universities, ECIU is an agile, open agora at the European level for solving multi-disciplinary societal challenges, doing research and learning for life.

Role in project

Open and flexible learning (Micro-credentials)

  • Creation of new learning offerings as micro-credentials
  • Identification and analysis of approaches for micro-credentialing
  • Recognition and Integration into existing structures
  • Micro-credentialing Technology piloting and adoption
ECIU-yliopiston mahdollisuuksista webinaariErasmus+

Funding source

  • European Commission