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Joel Auranen

Special Adviser
Operations Management and Administrative Services | Operations Management

About me

I work as a special adviser in the Faculty of Management and Business (MAB). My responsibilities are to plan and develop the administrative and management structures and co-operation of the faculty in accordance with the strategies and guidelines of the university and, above all, to support the dean in the management of the faculty administration.

I have a master's degree in administrative sciences from the University of Tampere. My work history has focused on the public sector, where my responsibilities have been e.g. developing decision-making and administrative transparency; and implementing the law on information management. In my professional sense, my interests also focus especially on issues related to organizational decision-making and policies.


Tasks require responsibility for the relevance and legality of decision-making and coordination of large-scale tasks. The work includes overall responsibility for the planning, implementation, and development of knowledge management support.

  • Support the Dean in strategic management and in planning and developing operations in accordance with the University's strategies and guidelines
  • Act as rapporteur for the dean's decisions in general administrative decisions
  • Act as rapporteur for the Faculty Council and executive teams, draftsman of meetings, and secretary of meetings
  • Be responsible for the process of preparing the faculty's instructions and opinions.
  • Act as the faculty's quality liaison officer and coordinates the faculty's quality work in the Faculty in accordance with the university's guidelines
  • Coordinates the faculty's safety, risk management, preparedness, and continuity planning work
  • Be responsible for the faculty's ERP process: its preparation together at the university level, implementation, monitoring, and reporting for the Faculty
  • Planning and developing the faculty's administrative and management structures and cooperation in cooperation with the faculty's management 
  • Be responsible for the knowledge-based management and the development of knowledge management together with statistics and analytics services
  • Be responsible for collecting, compiling, and analyzing information to monitor the realization of operations and objectives in support of management
  • Be responsible for the faculty's strategic spatial planning in cooperation with the Dean
  • Participate in the planning and development of internal and external communications

Fields of expertise

Versatile cooperation, networking and communication skills
A wide-ranging art of influencing
Strong negotiating and meeting skills
Sense of situation and sensitive responsiveness
Working cooperation capacities and the ability to network
The ability to operate in a multicultural environment
Developing open government
Developing case management
Competence in administrative procedures
Coordination of networks
Project management skills