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Degree programme

Doctoral Programme in Business and Technology Management

Promoting the competitiveness of technology-centred business through research

The Doctoral Programme in Business and Technology Management provides students with excellent research skills, broad expertise in industrial engineering and management, and an in-depth understanding of information and knowledge management. Our students develop technological and business expertise that allows them to create new scientific knowledge and address societally significant challenges that require in-depth analysis. The programme is intended for applicants who hold a master's degree in technology, economics or an applicable field. In addition to graduates from the Master’s Degree Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management and the Master’s Degree Programme in Information and Knowledge Management, the Doctoral Programme in Business and Technology Management attracts graduates with a degree in, for example, technology, business or economics.

We are seeking doctoral students with the potential to offer new research insights, contribute to the generation of new knowledge, address the challenges facing our society, and apply their knowledge in the different fields of technology and administration. After completing the programme, our graduates are awarded the degree of Doctor of Science in Technology and typically move into leadership roles in industry, research and teaching positions in universities or universities of applied sciences, or research and management positions in research institutions. Extensive career opportunities are also available for our graduates in industry and public administration.