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European and Global Politics, Leadership for Change

Tampere University

Dealing with change in complex societies

The programme enables developing the kind of knowledge and expertise that is needed to lead and analyse complex change processes. It responds to the need for new kinds of leadership skills, which are in demand at local, national, international, and global levels.


Master's degree (University)

Degree earned

Master of Social Sciences

Planned duration

2 years

Extent of studies

120 ECTS



Tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens

12000 € per academic year

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By interacting with staff members from various disciplines – business, governance, politics and international relations – as well as with different societal stakeholders, students will learn to foster new forms of engagement across sectors of the economy and society. The programme prepares the graduates to work in the private, public or third sector in tasks that involve analysing, planning and steering complex change processes.

The specialisation in European and global politics gives students a solid academic basis to understand political processes at local, national, regional, international and global levels. The focus is on analysing and leading change with regard to political participation and decision-making, dynamics of integration and disintegration, international security issues as well as questions of political economy and governance.

The studies consist of cross-disciplinary joint studies (35 ECTS), specialisation-specific advanced studies (25 ECTS), elective studies (20 ECTS) and the master’s thesis (40 ECTS). When applying to the programme, you may choose from the following options: European and Global Politics, Sustainable Business Management, and Governance for Sustainable Change.

Could LFC be a right fit for you? Get to know us and find out!

Hear what the students have to say about Leadership for Change, get a sneak peek to the lectures and meet the people behind the programme in the LFC blog and vlog.

The programme really gives you a broader perspective about the current situation, complexities, wicked problems… Here, the students have mindsets that think outside the box, and they look at things with a broader perspective. This gives you new ideas and also employers can find it beneficial. Don’t hesitate to apply!

For more information

Please read through the information provided. For further questions regarding the application process, contact our Admissions office at or for questions regarding the content of the programme, please contact