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Open University’s course offering

When you are looking for new opportunities, the first step to take is to familiarize with the many possibilities in our course offering. Specific course information will be updated during the academic year. We will give in this page some tips, how to use Search for Study options in various ways.

Current issues

Are you looking for studies to quench your thirst for knowledge or to develop your competence? Study for the future and pursue the career path of your dreams. You can apply for the studies beginning in the fall semester from 7 August at 10:00 am onwards.

You can find specific information about the studies, applying periods and fees on each course's information webpage.

Course units and study modules

At the Open University, you can complete course units and study modules included in the degree studies organised by Tampere University. Most of Open University studies offered (ca. 1000) are basic-level studies taught in Finnish, but we also offer almost 200 English-taught course units or study modules. In order to complete the courses, you must already have a good command of Finnish and/or English, depending on the course.

A single course may have several different implementations during the academic year, with different completion methods and timings. It is good to take into account that independent and online studies might also require to attend an exam in the Tampere University campus. Please check the details on each course’s infowebpage.

Course offerings

If you want to browse our course offering on Study Search, you can filter studies by different criteria, such as:

  • organization
  • study field
  • mode of study
  • campus
  • study level
  • application period
    • by choosing as Type of Study “Open University”, you will get to see the Application period-filter.
  • language (of instruction)

You may also choose to search by using keywords, such as

  • math or mathematics
  • psych or psychology
  • manag or management
  • edu or education etc.

With refined filters you might also find other similar studies (such as intermediate studies) in addition to what you were searching for.

Contact us

Do you need advice or guidance on planning your studies or applying for studies? Please feel free to contact us by e-mail: or by phone: +358 294 520 881.