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Open University’s course offering

When you are looking for new opportunities, the first step to take is to familiarize with the many possibilities in our course offering. Specific course information will be updated during the academic year. We will give in this page some tips, how to use Search for Study options in various ways.

Current topics

We have also many possibilities to study in english in Open University! Check the details in course offering and study fields.

Spesific information concerning the studies, applying period and fees are descriped in each course's information page.

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Tips to use the course offering

Our course offering consists of separate courses as well as course entities of the degrees. Most of the studies offered are basic-level studies taught in Finnish. In order to complete the courses you must already have a good command of Finnish/English.

A single course may have many different implementations during the academic year, with different completion methods and timings. It is good to take into account that independent and online studies might also require to attend an exam in the Tampere University campus. Please check the details in specific course info: Information about studies.

With refined filters you can search information in different study fields. If you are looking courses in English, please choose Language-filter English. The Type of Study should always be Open University.

You are able to spesify your search results with following ways

1)  Filters in study fields, f.e.

  • application period
  • study level
  • mode of study.

2) Open Search field

Write the name of the subject or course of your interes in the box.
Also part of the name works, f.e. math, management, manag, education, educ etc.

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Do you need advice or councelling? Contact us: Email Telephone 0294 520 200 (Study Affairs Office)