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Open higher education studies

With open higher education, you can study university or UAS courses regardless of your age and basic education level.

What is open higher education?

Through open higher education, you can study courses and study modules included in the degree studies of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The studies are subject to a charge.

The great thing about open higher education is that you can combine the courses and modules in the way that suits you. Whether you want to try individual courses from different fields or focus on growing your expertise in one area, with open higher education courses you will find the right combination for you.

Open higher education courses are, as the name implies, open to everyone, regardless of your age and educational background. However, individual courses may have requirements for your prior knowledge and skills. Please note that some of the courses also require you to physically participate in the teaching at the campuses.

As an open higher education student, you usually study in the same group as the degree students. On some courses, open higher education students have their own teaching group.

Open UAS courses

Open university courses

To whom are the open higher education studies suitable for?

If you are having a gap year

Through open higher education, you can already advance with your future degree studies, as the courses can be credited in degree studies. Route and path studies can also act as your way to become a degree student.

Open UAS path studiesOpen university route studies

If you are still looking for your thing

Whether you are looking for your first study place or wishing to change your career, with open higher education you can try different fields without having to commit to more than one course or module at a time.

If you want to extend and deepen your expertise

If you are already in working life, you can further your expertise with open higher education. You can mix and match the courses to build a package suitable for your needs. 

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If you are an immigrant

With open higher education, you can try studying in a Finnish university with low stakes. You also get to add Finnish university courses to your CV without having to commit to a whole degree.

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If you are unemployed

Open higher education can be a good way to improve your status in the job market. You can update your professional skills or learn new ones.

If you want to study just for fun

Studying doesn't have to have a serious reason. With open higher education, you can study interesting subjects for fun, whatever your situation in life is.

Studying in practice

Read more on planning the studies, registration, study methods and other practical issues.

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