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Open UAS

Learn about the various possibilities of studying at the open UAS!

Open UAS path studies

The open UAS path studies can offer a path to degree studies

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Studying in practice

How does studying in the open UAS work? You can find answers to practical questions below.

Studying in Open UAS

Cancellation terms

Registration is binding.

You can find the Open UAS cancellation terms here

What is Open UAS?

The studies of open UAS follow the curricula of the degree studies and they consist of study units of degree education. Contact teaching takes place in degree students’ groups with places reserved for open UAS students, or in separate open UAS groups. Some courses are offered online, with no contact teaching. There is a limited number of places for open UAS students and the places are filled in the registration order, if not stated otherwise. Studying in open UAS is subject to a charge. The fee is at the maximum 15 € / study credit. The exact fee can be found in each course description.

If you cannot find courses you are looking for in the open UAS offering, check out the degree programmes at TAMK. If you find interesting courses there, please email us at avoinamk [at] tuni.fi, and we will discuss your possibilities to join the degree study group as an open university student. After discussing with our team, you can sign up for the course with this form. Please mention in the form, with whom you have discussed about the course.

If there is no schedule in the course description, it has not been confirmed yet.

Please note that open UAS studies are not online studies, but require living in Tampere. You cannot receive a visa to Finland based on open UAS studies.

The coronavirus situation at Tampere Universities

The Tampere University Community is actively monitoring the coronavirus situation. In all of our decisions, we adhere to the instructions provided by the public authorities.

As the situation can change quickly, also the teaching methods of our courses may change in the middle of the registration or studying period. At the moment, most of our teaching is organised online to avoid contacts.

If you have any questions or concerns, email us at avoinamk [at] tuni.fi

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