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Open path application to TAMK

Open path application is for students already enrolled in open university/UAS studies for their first year at any Finnish university or university of applied sciences and aim at degree enrollment at TAMK. There is a very limited number of places available each year to enter from the open path.

Application period

The next application period for open path application is 1 - 15 October 2024

Application criteria

Each degree has a set amount of credits that must be completed before application is possible.  The required amount of credits must be completed by the end of the term 31 July/31 December (at TAMK) or by the end of the application period (completed elsewhere in Finland). The studies must correspond to the degree which the applicant is applying for admission to and be acceptable for accreditation.

Master’s degree applicants must have the correct previous degree stated in the application criteria of the programme and the 24 months of work experience from the required field. NB! Only open UAS studies are accepted, open university studies are not sufficient for admission. 

Please consult each degree programme website for specific criteria.

Open path application and tuition fees

Non-EU/EEA students must pay tuition fees in all degree programmes in English. If an open path student has a document granting them a non-paying status, the document must be attached to the application in Studyinfo. More information:

"Am I required to pay tuition fees" Studyinfo website

Open path application and scholarship waivers

All TAMK scholarships are awarded in the form of partial waivers from tuition fees. Waivers in study years 2-4 are awarded based on study success and open UAS credits are accepted as completed credits. Accepted open path students will be evaluated for scholarship waivers on 15 August annually based on their study registry.

Admitted students are usually placed in second year cohorts. The available scholarship wavers for each cohort are described at the TAMK Student's Guide

Available degree programmes