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Open UAS path studies

Did you not get to start your studies as planned? No worries, you can start your studies with path studies in the open UAS and after completing the required courses, you can apply for degree programme studies through the open path application process. If you get in, the completed courses and their credits are transferred to your degree study record.

Prepare for the next application round!

The first set of path studies beginning in autumn 2020 are now published on our website. The list will be completed during spring and summer.

The next application round will start in the end of July.

Path studies offered in English in autumn 2020

What are open UAS path studies?

The open UAS path studies may offer you a way in to UAS degree programme studies. When you have completed 50-60 credits (depending on study programme requirements) of bachelor’s degree studies or 15-30 credits of master’s degree studies in the open UAS, you can apply for admission to the degree programme through the open UAS path application process. When applying for a master’s degree programme, you also have to fulfil the basic education and work experience requirements. You should aim to complete the path studies in about a year.

Please note that completion of the required number of credits alone does not guarantee admission. It, however, offers you the possibility to apply for a degree programme through the path admission process at TAMK as well as other universities of applied sciences if the degree programme is available in the path study application process. TAMK determines annually to which degree programmes it organises a separate application process for open UAS path students.

There is a limited number of study places in path studies and we fill the places in the registration order, if not stated otherwise.

If you are currently an attending degree student at TAMK, you can not register as an open UAS student or a path student at TAMK, too. As a degree student, you should register for courses through Pakki.

How do path studies work?

If you can study fulltime, we offer you a readily planned set of courses through which you can complete the required 50-60 credits in about a year. To do this, you have to be able to attend the courses during daytime. Some path studies are available as so-called multiform studies, and in these paths, contact teaching takes place in the evenings or e.g. from Thursdays to Saturdays. You can find detailed information on different practises under each path study description.

Finnish-language studies require good oral and written Finnish language skills and respectively English-language studies require good oral and written English language skills. Please note that Finnish-language degree programmes may also have English-language teaching material.

The fee for path studies is the same for all open UAS students. If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen and you are later accepted in as a degree student, you will have a tuition fee like all the other non-EU/EEA –students. The fee will only commence after admittance as a degree student.

How to apply to path studies?

The registration is done with either with an e-form or in a Open UAS online store. The correct registration link can be found through the description page of each path.

In general, open UAS path students are admitted to studies either in registration order or with specified criteria. There is a limited number of study places for path students. Information on admittion is always announced on each path’s own pages in advance. We will inform all applicants by email about their admission status.

Before you register, please think about whether it is possible to participate in full time studies in your current situation, and whether you have the financial means to do so. Open UAS students are generally not entitled to student financial aid in the same way as degree program students are, and study possibilities on unemployment benefit can be limited. The short path studies are an exception as they offer usually less than 5 credits per month and thus they do not affect unemployment benefits.

Short path to engineering studies

In engineering studies, you have the possibility to complete so called short or long path studies. After completing the short path, you can apply for a degree student in the joint application system and the completed studies are transferred to the degree.

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