Avoimen amkin opiskelukäytänteet

Studying in open UAS

Read more about planning your studies and the common study practices on this page.

Open UAS course selection

The studies of open UAS follow the curricula of the degree studies. Contact teaching takes place in degree students’ groups with places reserved for open UAS students, or in separate open UAS groups. Some courses are completed fully online and include no contact teaching. There is a limited number of places for open UAS students in the groups.

If there is no schedule in the course description, it has not been confirmed yet.


All degree students have completed either general upper secondary school or upper secondary vocational education. This is not demanded from open UAS students, but studies require equivalent skills from working life or elsewhere. In Music, Media and Arts studies, the teacher ensures that the student has sufficient prior knowledge and skills during the first lesson.

Without any earlier studies, some courses e-g- in music, mathematics and languages may be challenging. Studies in Finnish require good oral and written Finnish language skills and respectively studies in English require good oral and written English language skills.

Computer skills are important in all open UAS studies. All studies also require initiative, activeness, responsibility and teamwork skills.

Please note that only few open UAS studies are online courses, but require living in Finland. You can not receive a visa to Finland based on open UAS studies.

Avoimen amkin opiskelukäytänteet

Planning your studies

You can find open UAS courses and their descriptions from here.

All TAMK’s degree courses can be found in the Student’s Guide online.

For planning your studies, you can contact the open UAS staff. TAMK’s student counsellors, teachers and heads of degree programmes are also available for detailed questions on content of the courses.

If you have any questions on open UAS studies, please email us at avoinamk [at] tuni.fi.


You can download an electronically signed and verified transcript of records or a study certificate from PAKKI. The documents are electronically signed using the certificate of the Population Register Centre of Finland (VRK), which guarantees the authenticity of the electronic signature. You can find further information on verifying the authenticity of documents on Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ website at www.tuni.fi/esignature/en.

After you have finished your studies in TAMK, you will find your grades in OmaOpintopolku service.

If you need a verified paper copy of the transcript, please send a request to avoinamk [at] tuni.fi.

Degree students see their completed study units in PAKKI.

avoimen amkin opiskelukäytänteet

Used study methods

The teacher of the course defines the used study method. The study methods may include individual or group assignments, presentations, examinations, a learning diary or a combination of these.


The tuition fee for individual courses is usually 15 €/credit. For path studies the fee is 300 €. For study modules, the fee is 10 €/credit. The tuition fees are chargeable up to 30 credits per year.

TAMK’s degree students register for all courses through Pakki. Please note that you can not be an active TAMK degree student and a TAMK open UAS student at the same time.

Credit transfers

Studies completed in the open UAS can be transferred to TAMK’s degrees. Open UAS students, however, can not receive credit transfers based on their earlier studies.

Cancellation terms

Registration for Open UAS courses is usually binding.

Cancellation terms