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Yksi henkilö kiipeilee ulkona värikkäillä palikoilla ja toinen istuu. Sää on kaunis ja taivas sininen.

Studying in open UAS

Read more about planning your studies and the common study practices on this page.

Before the studies

Course selection and planning your studies

The course offering of open UAS consist of courses and modules from bachelor's or master's degree programmes. Courses are offered throughout the year and from a wide range of study fields, from engineering to healthcare as well as media and culture. You can find open UAS courses and their descriptions in the Study search.

If you do not find studies that interest you in the open UAS offering, you can explore TAMK's degree programme curricula. If you find courses suitable for you from there, send us an e-mail at avoinamk [at] (avoinamk[at]tuni[dot]fi). We can discuss with the teacher responsible about your chances of joining the course. Once you have agreed with us about joining the course on special permission, you can use this form for registration. Write with whom you have agreed about the participation to the additional information field.

In matters related to study planning, you are always welcome contact the staff of open UAS at avoinamk [at] (avoinamk[at]tuni[dot]fi). TAMK's study counsellors, teachers and competence area leaders can also help you in matters related to the more detailed contents of each course and programme.


There is a limited number of study places in open UAS courses. We fill in the places in the order of registration, unless otherwise stated.

Most of the study registrations happen through our online store, in which you pay your study fees immediately upon registration. If the group is full, you can register onto a waiting list. In this case, you will only pay the study fee if you get the study place. You will receive information about your position on the waiting list in an e-mail you receive immediately after registration. If you are on a waiting list, please follow your email daily, as you will receive the information about your possible study place also via email.

The registration link for each course can be found on the course's own webpage.

If you are using open UAS courses to complete your interrupted degree studies at TAMK, start by planning your studies with the study counsellor. After that, you can register using this form for students completing their studies.


The study fee is at maximum 15 €/credit.

  • For individual courses, the fee is 15 €/credit.
  • For path studies, the total fee is 300 €.
  • For study modules, the fee is 10 €/credit.

The tuition fees are chargeable up to 30 credits per year. If you study more, the rest of the studies of each year are free of charge.

Most of the fees are paid upon registration. As for Path Studies, you pay 150 € upon enrolling and 150 € will be invoiced by e-mail.


Almost all bachelor's degree students have completed either general upper secondary school or upper secondary vocational education, and master's degree students have a bachelor's degree. Prior degrees are not mandatory for open UAS students, but the studies still require equivalent skills. You may have learned these skills through working life, hobbies or some other way.

If you don't have an upper secondary degree, courses in music, mathematics and languages may be challenging for you. In Music, Media and Arts studies, the teacher ensures that the student has sufficient prior knowledge and skills during the first lesson.

Studies in Finnish require good oral and written Finnish language skills. Respectively, studies in English require good oral and written English language skills.

Computer skills are important in all open UAS studies. All studies also require initiative, activeness, responsibility and teamwork skills.

Please note that only few open UAS studies are online courses. Most require you to live in Finland. You cannot receive a visa or residence permit to Finland based on open UAS studies.

Cancellation terms

Registration for Open UAS courses is binding.

During the studies

Study methods

Teaching at the open UAS takes place either in groups with mostly degree students or in separate groups for open UAS students.

Study methods vary from course to course. The study methods may include, for example:

  • lectures
  • exercises done independently or in a group
  • presentations
  • exams
  • learning diaries

or combinations of these.

Instructions for taking an electronic exam can be found in TAMK's Intranet, which you can access with the user ID you receive when beginning your studies. Once you have a student ID, you can also find a lot of other useful information in Intranet, for example related to IT issues.

In some courses, studying takes place completely online, and in others, a physical presence on TAMK's campuses is required. Depending on the course, contact teaching can take place either during the day or in the evening.

If you cannot find a detailed timetable in the course description, it has not yet been confirmed.

After the studies


You can download an electronically signed and verified transcript of records or a study certificate from PAKKI. The documents are electronically signed using the certificate of the Population Register Centre of Finland (VRK), which guarantees the authenticity of the electronic signature. You can find further information on verifying the authenticity of documents at

After you have finished your studies in TAMK, you will find your grades in OmaOpintopolku service.

If you need a verified paper copy of the transcript, please send a request to avoinamk [at] (avoinamk[at]tuni[dot]fi).

Credit transfers

Studies completed in the open UAS can be transferred to TAMK’s degrees. Open UAS students, however, can not receive credit transfers based on their earlier studies.

Do you have further questions?

Please contact us at avoinamk [at] (avoinamk[at]tuni[dot]fi)