Open University studies

This page offers you information about studying at our Open University as well as general instructions for completing courses and exams. Some of the IT systems used by our engineering students (whose home base is the Hervanta campus) are different from the systems used by our non-engineering students. This is why we have provided two sets of instructions here and there on this page that apply to students on the Hervanta campus and the city centre campus, respectively.

Our Open University offers not only daytime classes that may be attended by both our regular students and Open University students but also evening and weekend classes in Tampere, Seinäjoki and Pori. We also offer flexible learning opportunities, such as online courses. Courses in engineering and technology are held on our Hervanta campus.

New student checklist

The new student checklist will help you get started with your studies.

Electronic services for students

Student instructions


Contact us:, tel. 0294 520 200

For practical advice and guidance on your studies, please contact our Student Affairs Office.

General instructions for Open University students

Studying at the Open University is a part-time activity that does not lead to a degree. Open University students are therefore not eligible for student financial aid or any student benefits or discounts, such as discounted meals in the campus restaurants or the sporting opportunities that are available to our degree students.  

Open University students may be eligible for financial aid intended for adult students, if they are pursuing further or continuing education by taking courses at the Open University. For more information, please see the website of the Employment Fund

If you are unemployed, please contact the TE Office to inquire about the possibility to complete Open University courses on a part-time basis without losing your unemployment benefits. Unlike full-time studies, part-time studies will generally not make a person ineligible for unemployment benefits. You will be considered to be studying full-time, if you earn, on average, five or more credits per month. In some cases it may be possible to study full-time as part of an employment plan (read more: A jobseeker’s independent study can be supported by unemployment benefit Please be sure to contact the TE Office before starting your studies at the Open University. The TE Office will consider whether an unemployed person remains eligible for benefits while studying on a case-by-case basis.    

Study leave may be granted to working adults to allow them to take time off from work to complete studies or training. Visit the TE Office website to read more. 

Visit the website to browse all the courses offered by open universities in Finland.