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Services for immigrants - SIMHE

You are on the website of Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ SIMHE (Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education in Finland) services. We are responsible for the SIMHE services of the entire Tampere University Community (the University and the University of Applied Sciences). On the site, you can find information on SIMHE counselling and studying in higher education. The SIMHE services offer higher education guidance, counselling and support for immigrants living in Finland. At Application and Studying page, you can find information on study options for higher education when you are living in Finland. The site also tells you what it is like to study in a higher education institution. At Finnish Language Studies page, you can find information and tips on advanced Finnish language studies. The page includes a list on Tampere Universities’ language studies as well as a language proficiency test.

Application and studying

Get to know the study opportunities in Finnish higher education and watch videos about students' experiences.

Study possibilities in higher education

Finnish language studies

Read about Finnish language studies and test your Finnish language skills.

Finnish language studies


Preparatory Programme for Higher Education Studies

In this programme, you develop your Finnish language and study skills, and get information about different stydy options.

Preparatory Programme for Higher Education Studies in Finnish (page in Finnish)

SIMHE counselling

Who is the SIMHE counselling for?

SIMHE counselling is for you if you already live in Finland and have completed an upper secondary education, studied in higher education or completed a higher education degree. SIMHE counselling offers you information on application for higher education and related study possibilities as well as helps you recognise your prior learning. You can discuss your situation and plans with a SIMHE counsellor. Please contact us by email:

simhe [at] (simhe[at]tuni[dot]fi)

Counselling objectives:

  • help you find a suitable higher education or additional higher education studies for better employment and to support your career objectives.
  • help you to find a suitable path to higher education.
  • help you identify your existing competence.
  • help you identify your possibilities.
  • provide information on different higher education options from shorter studies and trainings all the way to degree studies.

What is counselling like?

  1. SIMHE counseling: You can book a personal meeting. We can discuss your backround, career plans and dreams, and what kind of education, degree or training would be the best option for you in higher education. We will meet online in Zoom. Please contact us simhe [at] (simhe[at]tuni[dot]fi).
  2. SIMHE guidance by email: You can send us questions by email: simhe [at] (simhe[at]tuni[dot]fi). We will answer to you.
  3. Group info sessions: We organise info sessions for groups interested in higher education studies. Please contact us and ask for further information simhe [at] (simhe[at]tuni[dot]fi).

    SIMHE Tampere is on summer break 17.6. - 4.8.2024.


Tampere Universities are one of the Finnish higher education institutions responsible for SIMHE services, supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture. (Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education in Finland = SIMHE)