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Industrial Engineering and Management

Photo: Jonne Renvall

Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) is a discipline that examines organisational economics and operations in a broad sense. IEM researchers typically engage in broad research collaboration across disciplines to address the current societal challenges. Our research interests have recently focused, among other things, on circular economy and the related requirements on company networks, the global transformation of manufacturing, the servitization of technology-based companies, autonomous systems, and the development of competitiveness through innovations, business analytics, and management.

Basic studies in industrial engineering and management have a goal-oriented and cross-disciplinary focus, and they prepare students for a wide range of development and management roles in industry and business. Our courses and study modules combine and balance technological, economic, organisational and human knowledge. Our undergraduate and graduate courses provide students with the ability to analyse and understand company processes, expand their mathematical and scientific knowledge and apply their acquired knowledge to resolve real-life business problems. Our doctoral education provides students with an in-depth understanding of their research field, provides them with the skills to generate new scientific knowledge and prepares them for a career in academia or expert roles in industry.