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Mirva Peltoniemi

Associate Professor (tenure track), Technology and Innovation Management

About me

I am Associate Professor of Technology and Innovation Management at Tampere University. I am also Docent of Strategic Change of Firms and Industries at University of Turku.

Prior to joining TUNI, I have worked at University of Jyväskylä (JSBE), Aalto University School of Science (Institute of Strategy), and Tampere University of Technology. I have completed research visits at University of Manchester, Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, and Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan. I received my Doctor of Science in Technology degree at Tampere University of Technology in 2009.

My research has been published in, e.g., Strategic Management Journal, Research Policy, International Journal of Management Reviews, Long Range Planning, Business History, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, and Games & Culture.

I am currently the PI of two projects:

Linking individual-level decision-making to industry evolution: Nanoeconomics of technological change

  • Research Council of Finland (Suomen Akatemia)
  • 2021-2025
  • €500.000

Engineers as diplomats: Learning lessons from the Cold War

  • Emil Aaltonen Foundation
  • 2023-2026
  • €200.000

I am a co-PI in one project:

HAT Research: Comparing evolutionary processes in nature and society

  • KONE Foundation
  • 2021-2024
  • €200.000 

I am also on the board of directors of Central Archives for Finnish Business Records.

Fields of expertise

  • Technology strategy
  • Technological change
  • Innovation studies
  • Industry life cycle
  • Nanoeconomics
  • R&D alliances
  • IPR
  • Standardization
  • Sociology of professions
  • Sociology of engineering
  • Survival analysis
  • Archival research
  • Mixed methods

Selected publications

Raulo, A., Rojas, A., Kröger, B., Laaksonen, A., Orta, C.L., Nurmio, S., Peltoniemi, M., Lahti, L. and Žliobaitė, I. 2023. What are patterns of rise and decline? Royal Society Open Science 10(11): 230052.

Heikkilä, J. T. S. and Peltoniemi, M. 2023. The changing work of IPR attorneys: 30 years of institutional transitions. Technological Forecasting and Social Change 197: 122853.

Nguyen, K., Peltoniemi, M. & Lamberg, J.-A. 2022. Strategic renewal: Can it be done profitably? Long Range Planning. 55(6). 102179.

Lamberg, J.-A. & Peltoniemi, M. 2020. The Nanoeconomics of Firm-Level Decision-making and Industry Evolution: Evidence from 200 Years of Paper and Pulp Making. Strategic Management Journal. 40(3). 499-529.

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Faisal, A. & Peltoniemi, M. 2018. Establishing video game genres using data-driven modelling and product databases. Games and Culture. 13(1), 20 - 43.

Peltoniemi, M. 2015. Cultural industries: Product-market characteristics, management challenges and industry dynamics. International Journal of Management Reviews. 17(1), 41-68.

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