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Tuomas Ahola

Professor, teollisuustalous, erityisesti toiminnan uudistaminen projektiliiketoiminnassa

About me

My work concentrates on the management of complex projects, as well as the renewal of project business -impacted by drivers including emerging digital technologies, new network-based collaboration forms, as well as sustainability concerns.


Research (leading and preparing research projects)

Teaching (supervision of academic theses, TTA-71011 Projektinhallinta / Project Management, TTA-75061 Yritysverkostot projektiliiketoiminnassa)

Societal influence

Fields of expertise

Laajojen projektien johtaminen, projektiyritysten johtaminen, yritysverkostot, kestävä kehitys projektiliiketoiminnassa

Top achievements

Certificate of Excellence in Research, Faculty of Business and Built Environment, Tampere University of Technology, September 2018

Best reviewer prize: Project Organising Strategic Interest Group, European Academy of Management Conference, June 2016

Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing - International Journal of Project Management 2015

Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing - International Journal of Project Management 2013

Outstanding Paper Award Winner - Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2013

Main positions of trust

Member of editorial board, International Journal of Project Management

Member of editorial board, Project Leadership and Society

Member of editorial review board, Project Management Journal

Member of board, European Academy of Management (EURAM), Project Organising Special Interest Group

Chairman of Scientific Board, Project Management Association Finland (PMAF)

Research unit

Industrial Engineering and Management, Center for Research on Project and Service Business (CROPS)

Selected publications

Ahola, T., Aaltonen, K., Artto, K., & Lehtinen, J. (2020). Making room to manoeuvre: How firms increase their influence with others in business networks. Industrial Marketing Management, 91, 686-700.

Tura, N., Hanski, J., Ahola, T., Ståhle, M., Piiparinen, S., & Valkokari, P. (2019). Unlocking circular business: A framework of barriers and drivers. Journal of cleaner production, 212, 90-98.

Bragge, J., Kauppi, K., Ahola, T., Aminoff, A., Kaipia, R., & Tanskanen, K. (2019). Unveiling the intellectual structure and evolution of external resource management research: Insights from a bibliometric study. Journal of Business Research, 97, 141-159.

Ahola, T. (2018). So alike yet so different: A typology of interorganisational projects. International Journal of Project Management, 36(8), 1007-1018.

Aarseth, W., Ahola, T., Aaltonen, K., Økland, A., & Andersen, B. (2017). Project sustainability strategies: A systematic literature review. International Journal of Project Management, 35(6), 1071-1083.

Ahola, T., Vuori, M., & Viitamo, E. (2017). Sharing the burden of integration: an activity-based view to integrated solutions provisioning. International Journal of Project Management, 35(6), 1006-1021.

Tanskanen, K., Ahola, T., Aminoff, A., Bragge, J., Kaipia, R., & Kauppi, K. (2017). Towards evidence-based management of external resources: Developing design propositions and future research avenues through research synthesis. Research Policy, 46(6), 1087-1105.

Compelete list of publications: see Google-scholar profiile