Support for Students

On this page, we present the support systems available for students at Tampere Universities and what teachers can do if they are worried about a student.

Students’ guidance and support services

We offer students many guidance and support services which you as a teacher should be aware of so that you can refer your student to the right place. As a teacher, you can also seek advice from these services in situations where you need support to work with a student or to resolve a student’s issue.

Accessibility in studies and special arrangements

At Tampere Universities, students with a diagnosed learning difficulty, illness, disability, or some other condition affecting their studies are eligible for individual arrangements. Individual arrangements may include, for example, extra time for exams or extended deadlines for handing in written work, the use of assistive devices or various solutions related to modes of study.

A proposal for individual arrangements is drafted for a student who needs special arrangements. The proposal itemises the reasons for the special arrangements and suggestions for suitable arrangements. The teacher decides which arrangements are applied.

Read more about the individual arrangement practices:

What to do if you are worried about a student or suspect he or she may have attention deficiency or learning difficulties

Start using the tips on the early support model for students lock page. It contains suggestions on how to start talking about sensitive topics.

If you suspect dyslexia, refer the student to a dyslexia assessment (only for students whose native language is Finnish). Ask TAMK’s students to contact or Tampere University’s students to contact If the student’s native language is not Finnish and there still are challenges in reading, writing and reading comprehension (dyslexia), we can see if they would still be entitled to Individual Study Arrangements for their studies at TAMK. Please see more about English language assessment at TAMK in the Intra lock.

Other useful pages and services for students

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