A teacher in Tampere higher education community can receive awards for high quality teaching granted by their university. Both Tampere University and the University of Applied Sciences grant annual rewards to staff members who have successfully developed the profession of teaching.

The Pedagogical Act certificate is awarded annually to activities that have significantly developed pedagogy both within and outside TAMK.

TAMK’s student union, Tamko, grants an annual Staff Member of the Year (“Vuoden TAMKilainen”) award to a person who has notably and persistently developed teaching, the study environment or the institutional community over the course of the past academic year. This honorary award has been granted every year since the academic term of 2004–2005. Tamko’s website has a Hall of Fame of the award recipients.

Tampere University grants an annual award for good teaching and development of teaching. The purpose of this award is to make high-quality teaching and the development of teaching more visible. In addition to the teaching and research staff, the award recipients may represent support services, the university library, administration, working life or other societal parties, for example.

The award for good teaching and the development of teaching is granted at the annual pedagogical seminar organised by the TLC.

Awards of the higher education community

See below the latest institution-specific honorary awards.


The Pedagogical Act 2020

The Pedagogical Act of the year 2020 award was given to TAMK’s DigimentorsHenri AnnalaJaakko Aumala, Kati BorgMarja JaronenMatti KarlssonMiina Kivelä, Harri Saarinen, Maaret Salminen, Nina Smolander, Sami Suhonen, Sanna Sintonen, Matti Ruippo, Juho Tiili and Jarmo Vihmalaakso.

“Digimentors have acted as peers for us others in TAMK. They have shared experiences and solutions to teaching issues both within the university and in international networks.”

Staff Member of the Year 2021

Senior Lecturer, Petteri Jekunen, Industrial Engineering

“Petteri is innovative, supportive and inspiring lecturer. He has tried to lighten up the atmosphere especially during the pandemic and that way brighten up students. He clearly prepares his study materials well and the experience that he’s got helps our school too.”

Tampere University

Award for good teaching and teaching developer 2023

In 2023, the award criterion was curriculum work focusing on students’ participation and well-being in the planning, implementation and assessment of learning. The awards were given to:

University lecturer Timo Keski-Petäjä, Faculty of Management and Business

Doctoral research Essi Nisonen, Faculty of Built Environment

Pedagogical seminar 29 November 2023

During the seminar, Tampere University granted an award for good teaching and the development of teaching. The awards were given to the winners at a pedagogical seminar with Hanna Vuojärvi from the University of Lapland as the keynote speaker.

More information on intranews: Timo Keski-Petäjä and Essi Nisonen rewarded for good teaching and pedagogical development lock

International and national pedagogical awards

Members of teaching staff can also apply for international awards granted by various bodies, for example Reimagine Education, and national awards are also granted by the Finnish Vocational Educational Research Association (FiVERA) for example.

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