A teacher in Tampere higher education community can receive awards for high quality teaching granted by their university. Both Tampere University and the University of Applied Sciences grant annual rewards to staff members who have successfully developed teaching work.

TAMK’s student union, Tamko, grants an annual Vuoden TAMKilainen (staff member of the year) award to a person who has notably and persistently developed teaching, the study environment or the institute’s community over the course of the past academic year. This honorary award has been granted every year since the academic term of 2004–2005. Tamko’s website has a Hall of Fame of the award recipients.

Tampere University grants an annual award for good teaching and development of teaching. The purpose of this award is to make high-quality teaching and the development of teaching more visible. In addition to the teaching and research staff, the award recipients may represent support services, the university library, administration, working life or other societal parties, for example.

The award for good teaching and the development of teaching is granted at the annual pedagogical seminar organised by the TLC.

Awards of the higher education community

The listing below presents the institute-specific honorary awards.


Staff member of the year 2018–2019

Lecturer Kirsi-Maria Rinneheimo

“Kirsi-Maria has excellent teaching skills, but she is also always in a good mood and shows a genuine interest in her students.”

Tampere University

Award for good teaching and the development of teaching 2020

Quality and evaluation in education: Associate professor of Education Mari-Pauliina Vainikainen (EDU) and Professor of Education Jaakko Kauko (EDU)

Creative problem solving and system design: University Instructor Mikko Vanhatalo (ENS/Kone), Tenure-Track Professor Tero Juuti (ENS/Kone), University Instructor Juha Nykänen (ENS/Mat), University Instructor Sanna Auvinen (ENS/Mat), University Instructor Johanna Ruoranen (ENS/Mat), University Researcher Helena Leppäkoski (ENS/Aut), Specialist Mervi Miettinen (Library), University Lecturer Sanna Ala-Kortesmaa (ITC/speech communication), Visiting Researcher Ulla Saari (MAB/entrepreneurship), Academic Officer Hanna Lehtelä (ENS)

Pedagogical seminar 5 June 2020

During the seminar, Tampere University granted an award for good teaching and the development of teaching. The awards were given to the winners at a pedagogical seminar with Professor Mari Mustonen as the keynote speaker. The recording is available here (2 hours 39 minutes).

The presentations of award recipients at the seminar

Luova ongelmanratkaisu -kurssin esitys (pdf) (in Finnish)
Laatu ja arviointi koulutuksessa -kurssin esitys (pdf) (in Finnish)

TLC’s news: Tampereen yliopisto palkitsi opetuksen kehittäjiä. (in Finnish)

International and national pedagogical awards

Members of teaching staff can also apply for international awards granted by various bodies, for example Reimagine Education, and national awards are also granted by the Finnish Vocational Educational Research Association (FiVERA) for example.

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