Training videos for exercising voice

Voice is an important tool for many university employees. It is good to familiarise yourself with it, keep from losing it and make sure it carries. Tiina Syrjä, University Lecturer at Näty, the Degree Programme in Theatre Arts, has made four training videos to support the well-being and exercising of your voice.

The two of the videos include actual vocal exercises: one is to be done with a Lax Vox resonator tube and the other is about voice resonance exercises. You can also use both to warm up your voice. The two other videos include warming up the upper body and relaxing the jaw; these can be used, for example, before actual vocal exercises.

If your voice is strained, remember to also give your voice rest, or silence. The Lax Vox method is also suitable for vocal rehabilitation, as long as you remember to do lightly and only a little (a couple of minutes) at a time. It is also always a good idea to start with a soft, pressure-free phonating and only then, when you feel that it gets easier to phonate, move on to a stronger use of voice.

The videos are intended for the staff at Tampere Universities community, login with your TUNI ID.

Voice training with Lax Vox tube (5,44 min)

Voice exercises (15,43 min)

Warming up the Body (13,14 min)

Relaxing the Jaw (12,45 min)

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