Promoting non-discrimination and anti-racism in teaching and educational institutions

In a diverse society, it is important to consider non-discrimination in all areas of life, including education and educational institutions. The Non-discrimination Act obliges every education provider to promote equity.  In education, care must be taken to ensure that the education provider’s or educational institutions’ activities are not discriminatory in any way.

The law requires an examination of educational practices from the perspective of diverse students so that everyone has an equal opportunity to grow, learn and demonstrate what they have learned. Education providers have a responsibility to promote the realization of equity in practical terms. On a practical level, every teacher is responsible for acting so that no one feels intimidated, ashamed, or treated unfavourably compared to others.

Through the materials and tasks gathered on this page, your understanding of equality/equity, non-discrimination, and racism and anti-racism activities will grow. You will learn to implement non-discriminatory and anti-racist practices in your own work and to consider the needs of students with diverse ethnic backgrounds in particular.

Materials available to you