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1 September 2020

Welcome authors from all the Tampere higher education community to contribute to the TLC blog!

Our blog focuses on the development of education, insights related to teaching, sheer admiration for learning, and basically anything that teachers in higher education may encounter in their work. In case you feel you might have something to contribute, do not hesitate to contact us!

Guidelines for the bloggers

  • The authors’ personal feel and touch, including their thoughts and perspectives, can show in the blog article.
  • The article should challenge readers to ask questions and discuss them further.
  • The maximum length of a blog text is 4000 characters, there is no minimum length. Photo collages and videos are also welcome! (Please obey the copyrights.)
  • We recommend that you avoid using tables.
  • If in the text you refer to a specific method, theory or project for example, please make sure to provide the reader with a possibility to find more information about it for instance by providing links or additional material.
  • You can write as often as you wish. We gladly welcome also one-time articles.
  • You can write in Finnish or English. We kindly ask you to do the spell-checking yourself.

Additional information:



M.Sc Leena Katto, Senior Specialist, TAMK Professional Teacher Education

Editorial board

M.Sc Sari Leinonen, Senior Specialist, Tampere University

Ph.D Sanna Ruhalahti, Principal Lecturer, TAMK Professional Teacher Education