Develop your digipedagogical skills

The aim of the Digivision 2030 digital pedagogy trainings is to develop the competence of the teaching and support staff of higher education institutions in order to promote the high-quality content of the service.  The trainings can be used to develop your own skills in all aspects of teaching.

The training has been implemented following the principle of micro-learning. The videos and podcasts of the training package can be viewed on the Digivisio 2030 programme’s YouTube channel address. The links below will take you to a page where you will find links to the individual episodes of the trainings, as well as reflection exercises added to the videos and podcasts.

The videos are produced in Finnish or Swedish and are subtitled in Finnish, Swedish and English. The podcasts are in Finnish and the alternative text in Finnish, Swedish and English can be found on the service on each training page.

Modularity in teaching and learning

The two-part video series Modularity explores modularity as a phenomenon and encourages you to think about the learning process from the perspective of the continuous learner.

Why, what, how – Learning analytics for teachers and learners

The Learning Analytics podcast series delves into the world of data and learning analytics from a teacher and learner perspective. The five-part series will feature a panel of experts discussing how data collected from studying and learning is changing the design and assessment of learning.

Supporting accessibility, inclusion and non-discrimination in education

The three-part series Supporting accessibility, inclusion and non-discrimination focuses on the exploration and meaning of these phenomena and how to promote them in everyday life. The first part of the series has been produced as a video and the next two as podcasts.

New ways of delivering training – Micro-learning and gamification

This two-part video series New ways of delivering training explores what microlearning and gamification are and how they can be used in a higher education context.

Videos in learning and teaching

This ten-part video series Video in learning and teaching highlights how video can be integrated into teaching to support continuous learning and engagement with learners.