Beginning of the employment relationship

Careful induction of a new employee is a crucial part of occupational well-being and enjoyment of work. It is the duty of the employee’s superior and the organisation to induct the new employee.

The Tampere higher education community offers an orientation programme lock that allows new recruits to learn more about their employer, gives them the necessary information about the employment relationship and organisation and provides them with additional role-specific orientation.

The induction programme covers the following themes:

  • Induction to the employment relationship
  • Induction to the organisation (Tampere University)
  • Job specific and unit induction
  • Additional job-specific induction:
    • Laboratory induction
    • Induction of doctoral researchers
    • Induction of teaching staff
    • Induction of supervisors

An induction session for all new teachers lock is held once per term. It is a platform for networking as well as for learning about the practical matters of teaching work and its key IT systems.

You can find more detailed information, including the dates and times of the orientation events, in the intranet staff training calendar lock (sign in with your TUNI credentials).

Working hours

In the Tampere Universities community, working hours are based on regulations depending on the person’s professional role.

TAMK teaching staff has annual working time of 1,624 hours per term (1,600 hours, starting from 1 January 2021). Teachers on fixed-term contracts can have fewer hours than 1,624, but teachers with permanent contracts may only reduce their hours by a separate agreement.

The annual working time of teaching and research staff at the University is 1,612 hours. A member of the teaching staff will compile a work time plan annually. The intranet features guidelines for drafting the annual work plan and planning working hours, as well as answers to many frequently asked questions. Technical support for compiling a work plan in the SoleTM system is available by sending an email to


The grounds for determining the salaries of teaching staff vary in different higher education institutions. The applicable collective bargaining agreements include more specific information on the topic.

General collective agreement for universities

More information for staff

Induction of teaching staff lock

Employment relationships lock

Annualised working hours lock

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