5. Choose the learning environments and tools based on your plan

This page introduces you to the learning environments and digital learning tools that are available at Tampere Universities. The image below illustrates the range of tools available and their role at Tampere Universities and will help you select the tool that meets your needs.

The image is interactive, so pressing the red info icons will bring up a description of the tool or category. At the bottom of the page you will find the tools listed by category, with a more detailed description and links to the tool’s instructions.

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Tools and instructions

Other resources and instructions:

IT instructions: The IT Services handbook on the intranet offer you easy access to all our IT instructions.

Digital toolkit:The Digital Toolkit is a practical resource that offers you information and advice for using a variety of digital tools for teaching, learning and work-related purposes.

Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC): The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) of the Tampere Universities community is a network that brings together pedagogical expertise and the information and services needed by teachers.

Support services: Support services for developing teaching available in the Tampere higher education community

IT Services: Remember the many electronic service help channels of the IT Helpdesk.

Software catalog lock: All the available softwares are listed in software catalog

The TUNI Virtual Desktop: lock Service that allows you to use the same programmes on your own computer that you have previously used on a computer in a computer class.

Eduhouse: lockSelf-study materials and online training sessions of the Eduhouse portal are available for the staff and students of the Tampere university community.

Page updated: 3.6.2024, Questions related to tools: it-helpdesk@tuni.fi