Videos in learning and teaching

This ten-part video series Videos in learning and teaching highlights how video can be integrated into teaching to support continuous learning and engagement with learners.

Episode 1: Videos in teaching

This video introduces training material intended to support continuous learning. The participant will also be given ideas on how video material will benefit students and make teaching more flexible. (Open episode 1 video, 10:44 min)

Reflect and describe

  • What concrete possibilities could you achieve through videos?
  • What kind of technology and support is available in your organisation for video production?

Jakso 2: Videos as proof of knowledge

This film showcases how video can also be incorporated into training, for students or participants in continuous learning to create video material for posting tasks, good examples of which can be shared. (Open episode 2 video, 8:57 min)

Reflect and describe

  • What kind of assignments could your students return as videos in your courses?
  • How would you instruct your students on the tasks to be returned on video?

Episode 3: Manuscript & storyboard

The process of writing a script and creating a storyboard are presented in the video along with the questions the creator needs to bear in mind during the process. (Open episode 3 video, 8:47 min)

Episode 4: Camera technology

This video looks at and presents the various levels of camera technology. How different levels of such technology can require different levels of technical support is also examined. (Open episode 4 video, 11:14 min)

Episode 5: Sound technology

This video presents different levels of microphones and which key aspects influence good sound recording. (Open episode 5 video, 9:38 min)

Episode 6: Camera angles

This video presents how different camera angles can be used in filming. (Open episode 6 video, 8:38 min)

Episode 7: Lighting

This video presents how regular light settings can be set up in a studio environment, and issues in lighting settings that need to be borne in mind when recording indoors, in other environment or outdoors. (Open episode 7 video, 8:41 min)

Episode 8: Editing

The various states involved in the process of editing using iMovie are presented in this video. Suggestions are also made for other editing tools. (Open episode 7 video, 18:56 min)

Episode 9: Collecting students products

The various ways of collecting in video material produced by students are presented here, along with the issue of who needs access to the final file. (Open episode 9 video, 6:11 min)

Episode 10: Assessing video products

How formative work can be used when students create video material is presented here, along with issues key to final grading. (Open episode 10 video, 7:07 min)