Day-to-day teaching work

The Day-to-day teaching work section presents the services that support teaching work within our higher education community and discusses themes that promote the agency of individuals performing teaching work and their development into members of the expert community. The section also studies themes of ethics and human diversity that are related to teaching work.  

Teaching is expert work which focus is on pedagogic skills and content competence. It is interactive work with the students, other members of work community and external operators. This means that a teacher at a higher education institute is always working as a part of a professional community that has a central role in the teacher’s professional growth and occupational well-being. The day-to-day teaching work comprises both independent working and development work as a part of the community.  

A teacher has a chance to develop their skills through teacher networks, extensive support and training services of the higher education institute community, and with the help of the continuous learning paths. The TLC provides support and education for people in teaching roles during different stages of their careers.