New ways of delivering training – Micro-learning and gamification

This two-part video series Micro-learning and gamification explores what microlearning and gamification are and how they can be used in a higher education context.

The videos are produced in Finnish and are subtitled in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Episode 1: Micro-learning

This episode explains what is meant by microlearning and how it can be applied in the training provided by higher education institutions. (Open episode 1 video, 8:58 min)

Reflect and describe

  • How can you use micro-learning to support the learning of learners from different backgrounds and with different objectives in a scheduled manner?
  • How can you promote learners’ motivation to complete the entire study module at hand?
  • What formats are best suited for your teaching?
  • How do you plan the assessment of your teaching module so that it suits teaching based on micro-learning?

Episode 2: Gamification

This episode outlines what gamification is and how it can be applied in the training provided by higher education institutions.. (Open episode 2 video, 7:33 min)

Reflect and describe

  • What types of gamification methods have you already used in your teaching?
  • In your own teaching, what kinds of gamification methods would best support the fact that learners come from increasingly diverse backgrounds in the future?
  • How can gamification be used to increase internal motivation in your own teaching?
  • Can assessment be carried out through the methods of gamification in your own teaching?