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Students' well-being

Tampere University wants to ensure students have a positive study experience and that their well-being needs are looked after. You don't need to deal with your issues alone. Read more about the support on offer below.

On this page you will find the following sections:

  • Help and support for your studies and well-being
  • Improve your well-being with life management and coping skills
  • Studying
  • Healthy life
  • Free-time activities and meeting new friends
  • Instructions, additional information and helpful links

Check Student guidance and well-being Intra pages!

Help and support for your studies and well-being

Guidance and counselling services

There are many different forms of help and support on offer in the faculties and through joint services. We have gathered all the guidance and counselling services which support your studies and well-being on the same page.

Joint counselling services

Do you require individual study arrangements?

Individual study arrangements are tailored to the needs of the individual student and the expected learning outcomes of courses and degrees. Request individual study arrangements if you have a formally diagnosed learning difficulty or an illness, disability or other medical condition that may affect your ability to undertake or demonstrate learning.

Individual study arrangements

University Chaplain offers support

Life is a path. Sometimes the track vanishes or seems to lead nowhere. Sometimes sadness and sorrow drag you down. Talking with someone opens new possibilities and offers perspective. You don't need to cope with things alone.

Cooperation with congregation

Improve your well-being with life management and coping skills

Navigaattori - Find support for your well-being

Navigaattori is a support service for students' counselling and well-being needs. The service combines support from all over the university community. Navigaattori serves students both on campuses and online, and its services are open to everyone who are studying at Tampere University. Navigaattori is open without prior booking. We can help you find the information you need to solve your problems or simply find the right people. Navigaattori connects you to the support service you need.

Read more about Navigaattori and check its weekly schedule on the Student's Handbook!

Student's Compass (Opiskelijan kompassi) and Student's wellbeing and life skills -course

Do you want to learn new skills for coping with thoughts and emotions? Do you want to improve your psychological well-being, psychological flexibility and self-compassion? Do your studies stress you out? Are you feeling blue or anxious? The Student Well-Being and Life Skills course (1 ECTS credit) based on the independent use of the Student Compass online program can be completed at your own pace in every period in both Finnish and English. The requirements for completing the Student Well-Being and Life Skills course include active independent use of the Student Compass online program and answering well-being and feedback surveys. Furthemore, we organise workshops every week to discuss current topics.

Read more about Student's Compass on the Student's Handbook!

Finnish Student Healthcare Service

If you are studying for a Bachelor's or a Master's degree, you can use FSHS' healthcare services. Check their website for information on how to get non-urgent medical care.

FSHS' website

Public health care services

If you are ineligible for FSHS, you can use the municipal healthcare provided in Tampere or, if you live elsewhere, in your home municipality. Public health care services should be used by everyone if the medical matter in question is urgent (for example, injury in an accident).

Tampere municipal health services

Don't know who to contact?

If you don't know where to begin or where to find the necessary information, send an e-mail to and we will help. You can also get on the right path by dropping by one of our sessions in Navigaattori!

Sometimes you might come across situations where, for some reason, the behaviour, actions or interactions of a fellow student raise concern. Early support model for students is the responsibility of every member of our university community. Identify - Discuss - Refer to appropriate services. How are you?

Events to support your well-being

Check the event calendar on Intranet for events. Events under the theme 'Well-being and sports' could be especially helpful to you.

Event calendar

Group counselling

On this page you will find information on the group counselling sessions offered by the joint counselling services.

Group counselling

Utilise study facilities on campus

The university campuses have many spaces and areas where you can study by yourself or in a group. Here you can find a list of them.

Study facilities

The Finnish Central Association for Mental Health

The Finnish Central Association for Mental Health (MTKL, in short) offers information and support with students facing mental health challenges.

Get to know MTKL's activities!

Nyyti ry - Life skills and mental well-being

Nyyti ry's Learn life skills -page offers tips and information on how you can improve your own well-being and develop your life skills.

Learn life skills - Nyyti ry

Nyyti's Chats

Nyyti also offers chats for all students, which are aimed at providing peer support and specialist help. You will be able to talk about student life and mental health either with one of Nyyti's experts or in a group setting with other students.

Chats for students - Nyyti ry

Free-time activities and meeting new friends

Get to know the student associations operating within TREY

Over 150 student associations operate within the Student Union. Find new friends and start new hobbies by taking part!

Get to know the associations operating within TREY

Find support in your peers

The University offers peer support in different themes and situations. Explore what's on offer and join us either as a participant or a trained peer tutor!

Peer support in the Student's Handbook

Living in Finland as a student

In this section you will find a collection of links to websites which offer information on housing, income and other everyday matters pertaining to your daily life as a student in Finland. Please bear in mind that some of the services are available only to degree students in Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. Always check directly from the service provider whether you are eligible for their service.

Find jobs and internships on Jobteaser

The Jobteaser service contains listings for jobs and internships as well as information on interesting employers in Finland and around Europe. Jobteaser also offers helpful career events to students.

Get to know Jobteaser and log in here!