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Peer support

At Tampere University, many different forms of support and guidance are offered to students. One of the most important forms of support is the help students get from their fellow students, i.e. peer support. Peer support is often very informal; tips you get from students on the same courses as you or help from the people in your student association, for example. There are, however, some formalised ways peer support is offered at the University. These are introduced in this page.

If you need help with coping, would like support for your well-being or wish to meet new people, join the peer support groups that are on offer! If you are interested in helping your fellow students, you can become a peer tutor. Many of the peer support activities are added to the curriculum and award study credits for participants. In peer support activities, you are able to develop many different skills which can be useful in your future working life. Peer tutors receive a training for their tasks.

Remember also that you can chat with study advisor in Navigaattori (low-threshold support service without prior booking): Navigaattori Gives Advice -sessions & Jodel 'Ask Me Anything' -sessions.

Student tutoring

All new Bachelor's and Master's level students in Tampere University are given a student tutor to help them start their studies as smoothly as possible. The tutor is a more experienced student (usually from the same degree programme/field-of-study), whose task is to introduce the new student to the practicalities of univesity studies, the student community and the campuses. The tutor is often the first person a new student meets at the start of the semester.

Student tutoring is organised in cooperation with the University, the Student Union (TREY) and student associations. Tutoring is offered at students in both Finnish- and English-taught degree programmes. In addition, student tutoring is also offered to incoming exchange students.

  • To become a student tutor: Both national and international student tutoring are included in the curriculum, and completing the courses award study credits. Student tutors are trained for their tasks. To become a student tutor, you must apply on TREY's tutor application form during the application period. 
  • Explore more: Read more about student tutoring on TREY's website.

Sports tutoring

In the University community, a sports tutor offers peer support, enables sports hobbies, and encourages fellow students in their sporty activities. It is possible to do sports tutoring as the person responsible for sports in a guild/association, as a functionary of a sports club or as an individual student.

Sports tutor may, for example encourage students to join regular slots and events, enable the operations of sports clubs, organise events or assist SportUni’s services. They are the movers of our community and experts in the sports/exercise services available to students. You can encounter them in all sorts of sporty circumstances!

Peer support for well-being and coping skills

The Student’s Compass is a research-based virtual well-being and life skills programme. The Student’s Compass offers new perspectives and practical tools to everyday problems students encounter in their studies. The web-based programme consists of various themes and exercises that are available as both text and voice or video recordings. Students can earn ECTS for using the programme by completing the independent Student Wellbeing and Life Skills course (1 credit). The 2-credit version of the course also includes participation in supported wellbeing coaching. The wellbeing coaches are final year psychology students (or Master's students in psychology) at Tampere University. 

Peer support for studying

Peer support for studying is meant to offer students opportunities for finding new ways of advancing their studies, motivate them to work in a sustained manner and to find groups which encourage learning. 

1) Puhutaan suomea! -conversation club

Finnish language conversation club. We offer a relaxed and friendly environment for students of Finnish of all levels, as well as native speakers interested in making international friends and help them practice.

2) Your faculty’s study advisors

Your faculty’s study advisors can provide assistance and offer help in many study-related matters (for example Sisu use)!

Free-time and peer support

Success in studies and well-being rely heavily on the general enjoyment of student life. Finding friends and free-time activities is not always that simple, however. Our university community offers different opportunities to meet new people and to find hobbies.

1) StudyBuddy Moodle

Find peer support, new friends and study partners on the StudyBuddy -Moodle. The Moodle area offers all the students in Tampere University to opportunity to seek friends through individual buddy announcements. 

2) Associations of TREY

In our community, peer support for free-time and student life in general has been traditionally offered by the numerous student associations, guilds and hobby clubs. Joining an association can be extremely interesting, rewarding and helpful. In the associations you can do important and meaningful work towards the well-being of students at the University.

Published: 2.12.2021
Updated: 19.4.2024