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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Where to get help in a crisis?

Emergency  – Call 112

If you  have an emergency, act quickly and call immediately the emergency number 112, this number will guide you further & help you. An emergency can be eg. a threat to somebody’s life, health or property. If you wonder whether a situation is an actual emergency, it’s better to call.

Urgent health situation: Call 112, Get to the hospital immediately

If you feel symptoms of paralysis, stroke, hard chest pain, sudden strong headache, severe stomach pain or shortness of breath, get immediately to the emergency clinic (päivystys) of the Accident and Emergency Department Acuta, Tays. Call 112.

Non-urgent situation requiring a visit to the emergency clinic: Always call 116 117 first

If your condition is not threatening your life but requires quick investigation and treatment, get to your own health centre during its opening hours

If your health centre is closed and you need urgent help, call the medical service helpline 116 117. Call the medical helpline always before going to the emergency clinic. A nurse answers to your call and estimates if your condition requires urgent treatment in Acuta. The nurse will also give you further instructions.

Acuta address: Ensikatu 8, 33520 Tampere

Non-urgent situation

Degree students: If you have concerns about your physical or mental health, your first point of contact is the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). Contact FSHS if you, for example, suffer from acute stress, feel anxious, depressed or exhausted, have trouble sleeping or have other ailments that may necessitate sick leave. 

Exchange students: please read the web page Exchange student’s health services, well-being and safety 

Psychosocial discussion support

  • If you experience a crisis, contact the local crisis centre Osviitta. Nationally, Crisis counselling is offered by Mieli ry Crisis HelplineValoa chatroom and Professional mental health helpline.
  • See also list of support services regarding mental health from Nyyti ry`s website.
  • The university chaplains offer confidential individual pastoral care. See also ICCK (The International Congregation of Christ the King, Tampere). 
    • If you just need a place to talk to someone, Marhaban center is a meeting place for people from different cultures, in the heart of Kaleva. Marhaban is a living room where everyone is welcome! Place: Kaleva Church, Liisanpuisto 1, Tampere

      Open Tuesday to Thursday from 1 to 4 pm. Free. Coffee/Tea/snacks available. Read more from Marhaban web page

      If you are having a crisis situation in your family or just need someone to talk to, psychtherapist and family counsellor Leena can talk with you on Thursdays every other week (odd weeks) at 2-4 pm. Book a time through Maria by phone (call/sms/whatsapp/imo) at 040 804 8785.
  • Domestic violence, how to get help? See Nyyti ry`s list of support services (If you are in immediate danger, phone the emergency services at 112).
  • If you fall ill and cannot study, you can take a sick leave. Learn more from the Kela website.
  • If you are going through a difficult situation or have, for example, encountered a sudden crisis in your life, you can contact the counselling and guidance services that are offered by Tampere social services.

    If you feel it's difficult to explain what kind of support you need in English, you can contact the Multilingual info Mainio and they will advice you in 16 different languages on how to get started in finding the correct service.

How to cope mentally in a crisis situation – Finnish Red Cross

Published: 2.11.2022
Updated: 14.11.2022