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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Navigaattori - low-threshold support service

Navigaattori is a support service for students' counselling and well-being needs. The service offers low-threshold events, advising sessions and other support during the autumn and spring semesters. Navigaattori serves students both on campuses and online, and its services are open to everyone who is studying in Tampere University.

Navigaattori is open without prior booking. We can help you find the information you need to solve your problems or simply find the right people. Navigaattori connects you to the support service you need. We also organise events to support student well-being from different perspectives.

In addition to Navigaattori, the University offers many other guidance and counselling services. Read more about them below. Need help finding the right support service? See the FAQ about guidance and well-being on the Student's Handbook or visit Navigaattori's advising sessions.

Navigaattori follows the Universities' safer spaces policy. Read more about the policy on Intra.

Navigaattori's events, support sessions and group guidance

Navigaattori serves students on the Hervanta and city centre campuses as well as online during the teaching periods, generally excluding exam weeks. You can find its events, advising sessions, info sessions and group guidance meetings in the drop-down selection below. You can browse the upcoming sessions by campus or see just the online events. Click on the session title to read more. All events are open to all students, regardless of their home faculty or campus.

Navigaattori's programme will be updated throughout the academic year. This page will always hold the most up-to-date information regarding Navigaattori.

Navigaattori services will start to quiet down during May 2024 for the summer period. Navigaattori will be on a summer break until late August/early September. Updates regarding the new academic year will be made in August.

Published: 23.10.2020
Updated: 28.5.2024