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Student health care

The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) provides general, mental and oral health care services for students of universities and other institutions of higher education. You can use student health services if you are studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at a university or other institution of higher education and you have paid your student union membership fee to a student union that is affiliated to the FSHS. Those studying for a Licentiate of Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine degree are also entitled to use the FSHS’s services (

Pay the healthcare fee to Kela if you have registered as attending and you are completing a bachelor’s or a master’s level degree in higher education at a Finnish university. In 2024, the student healthcare fee in higher education is EUR 36.80 per term. The fee is paid to Kela once per term, i.e. twice a year. You are not billed for the fee but are expected to pay it unprompted. The due date of payment is determined based on the date on which you have registered as attending. For the autumn term, the healthcare fee must be paid by 30 September at the latest, provided the student has registered as attending by then. For the spring semester, the healthcare fee must be paid by 31 January at the latest.

The healthcare fee is confirmed on a calendar year basis. However, in autumn you can only pay the fee for the autumn term, because the amount of the fee due for spring term will be decided on November/December.

The healthcare fee can be paid using a payment application in Kela's e-service or as a bank transfer. Instructions for payment of the healthcare fee are available on Kela’s website.

If you have social security coverage in another EU/EEA country or in Switzerland or the United Kingdom, you do not have to pay the healthcare fee. However, you can to use the FSHS’s services. Visit Kela’s website for information about how to proceed if you have social security coverage in another EU/EEA country or in Switzerland or the United Kingdom.

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For information regarding exchange students, please read: Exchange student’s health services and well-being.


Published: 27.2.2019
Updated: 19.4.2024