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Well-being calendar

Check out the Joint Guidance and Counselling Services' group offerings for the academic year 2023–2024, and join us! The Joint Guidance and Counselling Services offer a wide range of group guidance services related to well-being, study skills and career planning, provided by study psychologists, guidance counsellors, career counsellors and individual arrangements specialists, as well as peer counsellors. Below you will find the group offerings by period. Please note that registration is required for some groups. Detailed links to events and news on the Intranet, with possible registration links, will be updated in the group information throughout the academic year.

Download an image of the group offerings for the academic year in pdf format: 

4th period

Well-being and study skills

Student's well-being and life skills course (4.3. 26.4., 1 credit) : Student's Compass lecture, Introduction to Student's Compass: Tue 5.3. at 14.15 – 15.00 (on Zoom)

  • The Student’s Compass is a research-based virtual well-being and life skills programme. The Student’s Compass (Opiskelijan Kompassi in Finnish) offers new perspectives and practical tools to everyday problems students encounter in their studies. The web-based programme consists of various themes and exercises that are available as both text and voice or video recordings.

  • More information and registration by 3.3.

Tools for better concentration: 19.3. at 14.15–16.00 (Online)

  • We usually notice our ability to concentrate only, when we have lost the focus. This lecture introduces practical tools for keeping the concentration throughout your study sessions.

  • More information and registration by 18.3.

Study skills lecture: learning strategies and study skills: 9.4. at 14–16 (City centre)

  • The 'Learning Strategies and Study Skills' lecture leads participants to reflect on themselves as learners and students. The lecture will present the concepts of learning strategies and study skills in detail and offer  participants tools to develop and better them. Participants are encouraged to share their own best practices and tips to fellow students. The lecture is open to all Tampere University students.

  • More information and registration by 2.4.

Study & Stay session for graduating students: 25.4. at 10.15–11.00 (Online)

  • Study & Stay is a Tampere University Community programme of activities and services for all our international degree students. The aim of the programme is to support international students to study, live and work or start a business in the Tampere Area. Study & Stay is introduced at Tampere University in the Welcome week and in the orientation course. After that there will be a Study & Stay session every semester, coordinated by Tampere University Career Services. In the sessions we introduce relevant services and give lots of tips and advice, for example about how to find an internship or summer job, where to get help if you want to develop your entrepreneurial thinking or how to start your job search. 

  • More information and registration by 25.4.

Get Stuff Done -study sessions: weekly (Online)

  • Does it feel challenging to grab your books, stay focused or study independently? To support independent studying, the Get Stuff Done! -study sessions are organised by TAMK and Tampere University. The Get Stuff Done! sessions utilise the Pomodoro study technique. The sessions last approx. 2 hours, which includes three runs (25 minutes intensive studying, 5 minutes rest). In the sessions, you will study independently with a staff member timing your work and breaks. You can come along to, for example, read for an exam, write your study diary, do research for a thesis or compose an essay. You don't have to open your camera or microphone during the session. If the technique is not familiar to you, don’t worry, as we will introduce its basics at the start of each session. The sessions are open to all students from Tampere University and TAMK. The meetings are bilingual.

  • More information

Puhutaan suomea! –conversation club: every 2 weeks, start. 7.3. (Rotating in City centre, then Hervanta)

  • Finnish language conversation club. We offer a relaxed and friendly environment for students of Finnish of all levels, as well as native speakers interested in making international friends and help them practice.

  • More information

Career planning

CV and letter: 11.3. from 15–17 (Hervanta)

  • Have you wrecked your brain with what to write on your CV or application/motivation letter? Do you need help tailoring these for a vacancy? Do you want to know what impressions recruiters might get from your documents? In this session we look at CVs and letters in general and share good tips and hints about dos and don’ts. 

  • More information and registration by 7.3.

Study Expo: 12.–13.3. (Hervanta & City centre)

  • Study Expo is an event in which you can get information on different possibilities for elective studies available to you as a student of Tampere University. You will meet university teachers and other personnel willing to tell you about the elective study offerings of various degree programmes and faculties but also of the offerings of various other instances. You can also ask questions and get answers. Choosing elective studies is an important decision, and therefore it's crucial to consider these choices from different points of view. Study Expo offers a great opportunity for this.

  • More information

Recognize your skills: 11.4. from 15–17 (Hervanta)

  • What are your skills? Can you put them into words easily? What are the professional, general working life and career skills? What skills are important? How do you prioritise what to tell employers? In this Study & Stay workshop we look at identifying your skills and presenting them to an employer in a couple of sentences.

  • More information and registration by 7.4.

Published: 1.7.2021
Updated: 10.4.2024