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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Cooperation with Congregation

The Student Chaplaincy of the Evangelical Lutheran parishes in Tampere welcomes you!

Tampere Evangelical Lutheran parishes also work in educational institutions as part of the activities to promote students’ well-being in the universities community. 

“Life is a journey. However, sometimes we cannot find our track, or the way ahead looks like a dead end. Or we are overwhelmed by sorrow. Talking helps. Discussing things with others opens opportunities and changes perspectives. Do not remain alone.”

  • We are here to listen, support, encourage and provide help in crises.
  • Discussions with us are confidential.
  • We are ecumenical and respect everyone’s religious beliefs.
  • We are happy to join various projects and trainings.
  • You may also ask us to officiate at services such as baptisms, weddings, blessing a marriage or blessing a home etc.

Contact us by email or phone or simply come to talk to us when you see us.

Risto Korhonen, Tampere University, 050 383 5391
Mervi Ulmanen, Tampere University, 050 360 9709
Jussi Houttu, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, 040 804 8403

Our emails are: fistname.lastname [at] or firstname.lastname [at]

Campus chapels are found in Pinni B, 5th floor (city centre campus) and Festia, 1st floor (Hervanta campus). When making a reservation of the chapels, contact the chaplain of the campus in question.

The foyer of Kuntokatu 4 at TAMK is where to find Pappila, a quiet room for students. The university chaplains’ offices are also there.

Tampere parishes/students

Published: 27.2.2019
Updated: 7.8.2023