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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Guidance and counselling services and contact information

Study counselling at Tampere University: support for studying, career planning and well-being

The University provides students with academic counselling and guidance services that not only help you maintain academic progress and wellbeing but also encourages you to expand your expertise and take responsibility for your learning!

During your studies, many questions related to study practices, regulations, study planning, studying itself, career planning and well-being may come up. Support for your questions is available in the form of group and individual guidance, as well as various self-study and support materials, lectures and events.

Study counselling and support is divided into three levels: guidance services offered by the faculty, joint guidance services and other support services. The main focus of guidance is on the degree programmes and faculties. The joint guidance services offer supplementary support and guidance. In addition, there are numerous other support services available in and around the university community.

Study counselling is divided in three parts at Tampere university. 1. the main focus of guidance in the degree programmes and faculties is on individual and group guidance. 2. joint counselling services offer supplementary support and guidance. 3. numerous other support services available in and around the university community.


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1) Faculty guidance services

The main focus of guidance is on individual and group guidance provided in degree programs and faculties. Your faculty and degree programme are the most important source for guidance in matters relating to the planning of your studies, internship, thesis process and course selections. Contact them when you are graduating, as well. Support and guidance are offered by, among others:

  • Study advisors & student tutors 
  • Education specialists
  • Academic tutors
  • Teachers 
  • Mobility specialists 
  • You may also be aided by the PSP and Sisu guidelines.

See more information: Guidance and counselling services in faculties: contact information (


2) Joint guidance and counselling services

In addition to guidance at your faculty, you may also get guidance from the joint guidance and counselling services no matter in which degree programme you study. Support is offered by guidance counsellors, career counsellors, study psychologists and specialists handling individual study arrangements. In the joint services you will find support for example:

  • well-being
  • career planning
  • study skills
  • individual study arrangements

Services offered:

  • self-study materials
  • low-threshold support service without prior booking, Navigaattori
  • group counselling 
  • individual counselling

See more information: Joint guidance and counselling services: contact information ( 


3) Other support services

There are numerous other support services available in and around the university community, as well, like:

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Exchange student read about exchange student’s health services, well-being and safety from this pageDoctoral student, please see the pages of Doctoral studies to find more information about postgraduate students` guidance, well-being and career planning. Open university student, the staff at the Student Affairs Office will be happy to offer you practical advice and guidance. You can also schedule a personal appointment by contacting the designated education specialist of your field of study. Read more from this page.

Published: 30.1.2019
Updated: 10.4.2024