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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Guidance and counselling services in faculties: contact information

Faculty guidance services

On this page, you can find the contact information of your own faculty's study administration, such as the contact information of education specialists, study advisors and, for example, mobility specialists. You can find the information of your academic tutor on the Academic tutors page, and the contact information of the responsible teachers of the courses can be found in the curricula.

The main focus of guidance is on individual and group guidance provided in degree programs and faculties. Your faculty and degree programme are the most important source for guidance in matters relating to the planning of your studies, internship, thesis process and course selections. Contact them when you are graduating, as well.

  • Study advisors help with matters related to Sisu, among other things. In addition, student tutors provide peer support for students starting their studies.
  • Education specialists are the right people to contact if you have questions about your degree, your personal study plan, courses completed somewhere else or your graduation and internship.
  • Academic tutors support you in your studies and in your development towards expertise in your field. Turn to them if you have questions about your academic development.
  • Teachers are responsible for their own teaching, setting goals, outlining practicalities, completing evaluations and supervision in thesis process.
  • Mobility specialists help with internationalisation during studies.
  • You may also be aided by the PSP and Sisu guidelines.

Other guidance and support services, such as Joint guidance and counselling services, contact information will be found from this page.

Published: 16.8.2019
Updated: 11.6.2024