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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Joint guidance and counselling services: contact information

The joint guidance and counselling services offer supplementary support and guidance for the guidance given in the faculties. You may get guidance from the joint counselling services no matter in which degree programme you study. In the joint guidance services you will find support for example: well-being, career planning, study skills and individual study arrangements.

Check out the services offered, and get support:

  • Self-study materials
  • Low-threshold support service without prior booking, Navigaattori
  • Group counselling 
  • Individual counselling
    • Guidance counsellors
    • Career counsellors
    • Study psychologists
    • Specialists handling individual study arrangements

Note! Self-study materials are available throughout the academic year. Navigaattori, group counselling and individual counselling will be on summer break. From the beginning of August, you can book individual counselling appointments again.

Services offered for students

  1. 1

    Self-study materials

    Check the self-study materials like:


  2. 2

    Low-threshold support service without prior booking, Navigaattori

    Without prior booking:

    • Online
      • Jodel
    • On campus
      • International students’ helpdesk on Navigaattori space
      • The different support services pop-up sessions on Navigaattori space
      • Weekly guidance counsellors drop-in sessions on counselling rooms

    Read more from pages of Navigaattori ( and follow on Instagram: @navigaattori_tampereuni!


  3. 3

    Group counselling 

    Check out the group offerings, and join us:


  4. 4

    Individual counselling 

    The guidance counsellor will help you navigate university life and questions related to study life, set future goals, explore your study options and helps you support your own well-being. You do not need to know exactly what is bothering you when you go see the guidance counsellor. If you are unsure where to start  with your situation, you can contact the guidance counsellor. The services of our guidance counsellors are available to all students at Tampere University.

    • Contact: studentcounselling.tau [at] (studentcounselling[dot]tau[at]tuni[dot]fi)
    • Book an appointment: 
    • Come visit drop-in sessions: Tuesdays at 13-15 Hervanta Campus (Main Building, PA209b) & Thursdays at 14-15.30 city centre campus (Main Building, A117). Please check the Navigaattori pages for possible exceptions 

    The career counsellor will help you explore your career options. Contact the career counsellor when you have questions about internships, your impending graduation, articulating your knowledge and skills, employment opportunities or potential career paths. This service is intended for BSc and MSc students of Tampere University.     

    • Contact: careercounselling.tau [at] (careercounselling[dot]tau[at]tuni[dot]fi)
    • Book an appointment: book a time for counselling 
      • Note. free times are shown for four weeks ahead

    The study psychologist will help you work through problems relating to, for example, study skills, stress, procrastination and motivation and offer support when you are dealing with personal and study-related circumstances that may influence your academic progress. Before booking an appointment read more detailed instructions below (in the section 'Detailed descriptions of individual counselling'). The services of the study psychologist are intended for our BSc and MSc students.

    • Contact & request an appointment: studypsychologist.tau [at] (studypsychologist[dot]tau[at]tuni[dot]fi)

    Specialist handling individual study arrangements will help you with individual study arrangements. You will be eligible for individualised support and individual study arrangements, if you have a diagnosed illness, disability or learning difficulty that may affect your ability to undertake or demonstrate learning. Learn more about individual study arrangements. The services are available to all students at Tampere University.

Did you find the right support services?

Detailed description of individual counselling:   

Published: 13.12.2022
Updated: 24.6.2024